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Keir Starmer’s team feared leadership challenge after conference season

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Keir Starmer’s team feared they were at risk of a leadership challenge in the aftermath of conference season, senior sources have said, but they believe Yvette Cooper’s arrival in the shadow cabinet will silence any t...

Have Eddie Jones’s forthright leadership lessons come too soon?

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Imagine, for a moment, the England football manager, Gareth Southgate, has just published a book about leadership. And within its pages has revealed that players in England are victims of “the disease of entitlement” ...

Leaked papers link Xinjiang crackdown with China leadership

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Excerpts from previously unpublished documents directly linking China’s crackdown on Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang province to speeches by the Chinese leadership in 2014 have been put online. Il dottore...

Clarks looking for reboot under new Chinese leadership

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It began with a sheepskin slipper in 1825, but Clarks is moving out of its comfort zone in a battle for survival under new Chinese leadership. The British footwear institution, founded by Quaker brothers Cyrus and Jam...

Maro Itoje sent for acting classes by Eddie Jones to develop leadership skills

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Eddie Jones has revealed he sent Maro Itoje to acting classes to try and improve his leadership skills but, at the moment, does not view the towering lock as a future England captain. In a new book on leadership, publ...

Patrick Vieira’s return will remind Arsenal of their leadership deficit

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In the summer of 2009, Arsène Wenger found himself wrestling with temptation. Arsenal had not acquired anyone who could patrol a midfield quite like Patrick Vieira in the four years since his departure, and they were ...

Why is Keir Starmer trying to rewrite Labour leadership rules?

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Keir Starmer is set to reignite a Labour party row over how it selects its leadership, seeking to rewrite the rules that led to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. Here’s the lowdown on the changes. Starmer briefed his shadow...

Starmer set for battle with Labour left as he unveils plan to change leadership election rules – politics live

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Starmer tells colleagues he wants to change rules for electing leader and deputy and to limit role of party conference in deciding detail of policy

Case of missing spy aggravates tensions among fractious Somali leadership

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The Somali prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has fired the head of the country’s intelligence unit over the disappearance of a female spy. Roble accused the spy chief, Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir, a former close ally ...

Green party steps into unknown with latest leadership election

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Some senior party members describe it as a step into the unknown. Others call it a generational fight for its future direction, albeit a politely-fought one. What is clear is that in a few weeks the Greens in England ...

Il lavoro a casa è un campo di battaglia chiave nella corsa alla leadership di Unite

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Con frasi come "lavoratori di secondo livello", "sorveglianza della sequenza di tasti" e "presenzialismo" che si lasciano sfuggire la lingua, è chiaro che i tre candidati in lizza per diventare leader di Unite vedono il passaggio al lavoro della Gran Bretagna dei colletti bianchi ...

America will never be back like before, but the world still needs democratic leadership

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“America is back,” said President Joe Biden earlier this year, and the entire democratic world breathed a sigh of relief. But as we watch the debacle of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan – Kabul as Saigon...

Green frontbencher at centre of trans rights row to run for leadership

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A Green frontbencher whose views on transgender rights were behind the decision of Siân Berry to step down as co-leader is to stand for the vacant leadership himself, saying the party should become a beacon to “politi...

Green party to offer ‘young, intersectional feminist leadership’

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A chance to offer British voters young, intersectional feminist political leadership will be one of the key planks of the plan to run the Green party announced by Tamsin Omond and Amelia Womack. Tamsin Omond, who iden...

‘We have to pay the price’: Oslo’s plan to turn oil wealth into climate leadership

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The city of Oslo was built on wealth generated by the North Sea, which for decades has produced billions of barrels of oil and gas. But Oslo now hopes to lead Norway’s transformation from one of the world’s largest ex...

Labour votes to ban four far-left factions that supported Corbyn’s leadership

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Labour’s ruling body has voted to ban four far-left factions that were vocal supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and to overhaul its complaints process. The National Executive Committee moved on Tuesday to proscr...

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