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‘I just think differently’: how an autistic lawyer landed his dream career

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For Martin Whitehorn a career in law was never on the agenda. “I thought I might be a writer, but I just didn’t have any good ideas for stories,” he tells me over Zoom from the bustling office of Julie West Solicitors...

MP blackmail claims add to UK’s poor reputation overseas, says top lawyer

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Allegations that MPs have been intimidated by their party whips compound damage done to Britain’s reputation from threats by the government to deliberately break international law, observers have warned. Philippe Sand...

Ghislaine Maxwell: key juror has hired lawyer, trial judge says

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A juror who sat at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell last month and has now told reporters he was sexually abused as a child has retained a lawyer, the trial judge said on Thursday. The unidentified juror’s public interv...

BBC says interview with Epstein lawyer did not meet its standards

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A BBC News interview with a lawyer accused of the sexual abuse of a minor after Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction “did not meet the BBC’s editorial standards”, the corporation has said. The broadcaster has been inundated...

Prince Andrew lawyer seeks to halt US case as accuser ‘lives in Australia’

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Prince Andrew’s lawyer has called for the US civil case against the royal over alleged sexual assault to be stopped because his accuser is “actually domiciled in Australia”. Virginia Giuffre is suing the Queen’s son f...

Abogado del clima pierde apelación ante la corte suprema por filtración en Heathrow

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Un abogado y activista por el clima que filtró el resultado de un fallo de la Corte Suprema sobre la expansión del aeropuerto de Heathrow perdió una apelación contra un fallo por desacato al tribunal.. Tim Crosland, el director de la leva ambiental ...

Lawyer warns FIA Abu Dhabi GP decision could be overturned in court

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The FIA’s handling of the highly controversial ending to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been heavily criticised as the sport “marking its own homework” by a leading international arbitration lawyer. Duncan Bagshaw belie...

Estrella hobson: lawyer concedes murder accused was ‘terrible mother’ to toddler

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A 20-year-old woman was “a terrible mother” who was cruel to her toddler daughter but did not kill her, un tribunal ha escuchado. Sixteen-month-old Star Hobson died on 22 septiembre 2020 after being beaten to death in the fla...

Jussie Smollett was ‘real victim’ of racist attack, lawyer says as trial begins

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Jussie Smollett “is a real victim” of a “real crime,” his attorney said in opening statements at the ex-Empire actor’s trial Monday, rejecting prosecutors’ allegation that he staged a homophobic and racist attack in C...

Ahmaud Arbery killing: defense lawyer accused of displaying ‘the essence of white supremacy’

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The civil rights attorney Ben Crump on Wednesday accused a lawyer defending the killers of Ahmaud Arbery of displaying “the essence of white supremacy” for his call to ban Black pastors from the courtroom. Crump was s...

Indonesia: calls for action over apparent attack on family home of rights lawyer

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Activists in Indonesia have called for a thorough investigation after an explosion outside the home of the parents of a prominent human rights lawyer who represents those involved in the West Papuan independence movem...

Brian Laundrie: autopsia inicial no concluyente sobre la causa de muerte, abogado dice

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La autopsia inicial de los restos de Brian Laundrie no descubrió la causa de su muerte y se realizará un examen más intensivo., un abogado de familia dijo. Laundrie fue objeto de una persecución durante más de un mes..

"Le importaba cuando nadie lo hacía": El abogado filipino de derechos humanos Chito Gascón muere a causa de Covid

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José Luis Martín C Gascón utilizó un bastón para cumplir con sus deberes como el "valiente" abogado de derechos humanos de Filipinas, como resultado de vivir con diabetes y la herida que le dejó en el pie derecho. Pero en el wo ...

El abogado de Aung San Suu Kyi dice que se le ha prohibido hablar sobre su caso

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El abogado principal que representa al líder derrocado de Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, ha dicho que las autoridades del país gobernado por el ejército le han impuesto una orden de silencio porque dijeron que sus comunicaciones podrían causar inestabilidad..

‘They wanted to kill me’: the lawyer taking on police brutality in Kenya

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When the police started shooting at David Makara in his home town of Nyahururu, in Kenya, he ran before quickly collapsing. Two bullets had hit him – one in his right arm, one in his hip – but he only realised when he...

Lawyer Steven Donziger gets six-month sentence for contempt in Chevron battle

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Steven Donziger, the US indigenous rights campaigner and lawyer who spent decades battling the energy firm Chevron over pollution in the Ecuadorian rainforest, was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment on Friday for c...

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