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Keir Starmer made a huge mistake in not backing PR

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All is well in Labour land, it would seem. The leader has spoken. The next election is there to be won. Just like with Tinker Bell, all you need to do is believe. How else to explain the decision of Keir Starmer to re...

‘Parts of my brain light up when he’s talking’: Nigella Lawson and Mark Cousins in conversation

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Mark Cousins and Nigella Lawson seem, at first, an unlikely pairing. He is an author and film-maker from Northern Ireland, based in Edinburgh, who makes enraptured documentaries about the wonders of cinema. She is one...

Here’s how a progressive alliance would actually work

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After the crushing 2019 general election defeat, the historic byelection loss in Hartlepool for Labour and the spectacular win for the Liberal Democrats in Chesham and Amersham, the idea of a “progressive alliance” is...

Post-Covid Britain needs a new social guarantee

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As Britain’s economy and society gradually reopen, we face big questions about what should come next. The chancellor has promised tax rises and spending cuts. Without a radical response, increases in poverty, unemploy...