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Think you’re too hot? Imagine being street homeless in the UK right now

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As the UK cooks in unprecedented temperatures, news sites are full of tips on how to stay safe. Most of it is what I will reluctantly refer to as common sense: drink plenty of water, keep out of the midday sun and sta...

Bionic reading: could an ADHD-friendly hack turn me into a speed-reader?

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With ADHD, thoughts and impulses intrude on my focus like burglars trying to break into a house. Sometimes these crooks carefully pick the backdoor lock before they silently enter and pilfer all the silverware. At oth...

Down and Out by Daniel Lavelle review – a howl of fury about homelessness

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Daniel Lavelle knows how the story of his homelessness might look to the casual observer. Viewed in isolation, he notes, “the circumstances that precipitated my journey to the streets seem entirely of my own making”. ...

Macario, Lavelle score two apiece as USWNT hammer nine past Uzbekistan

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Rose Lavelle and Catarina Macario each scored a pair of first-half goals, and the US women’s national team beat Uzbekistan 9-0 on Tuesday to extend the team’s unbeaten streak to 67 games on American soil. Trinity Rodm...

Homeless deaths in the UK have increased by 80% since 2019. But we had a solution

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Two years ago this week, the government launched a scheme called Everyone In, which did just what it said on the tin. It provided funding to ensure rough sleepers were housed in hotels or hostels during the first lock...

Johnson has a chance to end homelessness now – if he dares to seize it

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After taking a drag on a cigarette thought to be laced with spice, Gyula Remes collapsed in the freezing underpass at Westminster tube station, three years ago last week, just across the road from the Houses of Parlia...