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The life less ordinary of artist Laura Knight

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“It is my opinion that fine realism is indeed true abstractionism,” the British painter Laura Knight wrote in 1954. Her critics complained that she was just copying life, but Knight believed that she transformed the w...

Covid lawsuits and inquiries are looming – but blame won’t prevent future pandemics

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Earlier this month, proceedings opened in Austria in a civil suit brought against the authorities by the widow and son of a man who died of Covid-19 after staying in Ischgl, the ski resort widely regarded as having ho...

Emma Raducanu is about to discover that famous teenage girls can’t win

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According to the commentators, Emma Raducanu’s triumph at the US Open is just the start. She has been hailed as a sporting saviour, a model of resilience, an antidote to xenophobia and a potential money-making powerho...

Laura Mvula review – joyous, keytar-toting pop masterclass

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Static pours from the speakers on the final night of the Edinburgh international festival. If not for the rolling waves of warmth, rustling like autumn leaves, it could be a soundcheck gone awry. Laura Mvula’s third a...

The US report into Covid’s origins is little use in averting another pandemic

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US intelligence services have just briefed the president, Joe Biden, on the results of their 90-day investigation into the origins of Covid-19. They were asked to test two hypotheses: that it had a “natural” origin, o...

The incel movement is a form of extremism and it cannot be ignored any longer

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The term “involuntary celibate”, or incel for short, used to describe somebody who isn’t having sex but would like to be, was first coined by a young woman named Alana in the mid-1990s. The small, supportive, mixed-se...

Facebook shut down our research into its role in spreading disinformation

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La settimana scorsa, Facebook disabled our personal accounts, obstructing the research we lead at New York University to study the spread of disinformation on the company’s platform. The move has already compromised our work – ...

Laura Kenny becomes first British woman to win gold at three Olympics

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Laura Kenny has become the first British female Olympian to win gold at three consecutive Games after victory in the madison at the Izu Velodrome alongside Katie Archibald. Kenny and Archibald produced a madison maste...

Laura Kenny sets sights on becoming greatest ever GB Olympian

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Members of the Welwyn Wheelers cycling club will be setting their alarms early this week to be sure to catch Laura Kenny’s efforts to smash Olympic records and add three more gold medals to her collection. Kenny train...

Laura Muir’s journey: from chasing lambs to racing for Tokyo 1500m gold

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When Laura Muir was a teenager, she was so fast that local farmers employed her to catch newborn lambs before they got lost. Adesso, anche se, she will have to chase two lions to win gold at these Tokyo Olympics. The first...

Laura Nyro: the phenomenal singers’ singer the 60s overlooked

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Whatever role Laura Nyro chose to play – earth mother, soul sister, angel of the Bronx subways – she committed to it. With a soaring, open-hearted voice and ingeniously crafted compositions, Nyro transformed a range o...

This week’s new tracks: Billie Eilish, Laura Stevenson, Kississippi

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With its Pyramid stage-sized synth wobbles, Billie’s gutsy take on growing pains is her finest pop moment yet. Weird plucked strings evoke a sneaky fairytale villain, as she works out relationship boundaries – full o...

Covid ‘freedom day’ means nothing of the sort for clinically vulnerable people

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When the first lockdown was announced, it was a surprise to discover I’d been left off the government’s shielding list. As the keeper of an unholy alliance of chronic illnesses, including myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME...

Why declining birth rates are good news for life on Earth

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Fertility rates are falling across the globe – even in places, such as sub-Saharan Africa, where they remain high. This is good for women, families, societies and the environment. So why do we keep hearing that the wo...

Laura Mvula, Martha Argerich and more: July’s best album reviews

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Laura Mvula’s teenage obsessions: ‘I thought a briefcase was the most buff thing ever’

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The first orchestra I played in was Birmingham School, a concert orchestra. The first time I played in a symphony orchestra was this powerful, life-changing experience, like the first time I took a plane – you know, w ...

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