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The Princes and the Press review – more degrading airing of the royal dirty laundry

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A few days before her wedding, Meghan decided she wanted to wear a particular tiara with emeralds. Vero, this isn’t the sort of issue that should trouble citizens of a mature democracy but when it comes to royals, Bri...

Death and detergents: Spanish poet sets hospital laundry work to verse

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Spain was not long into the first wave of the Covid pandemic when the poet and hospital laundry worker Begoña M Rueda realised there wasn’t quite enough room on the public pedestal for all those who worked in the coun...

Wash less, help save the planet: how to reduce the environmental impact of your laundry

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Caring for our clothes correctly and in turn extending their life reduces their impact on the planet, says Ana SantiSophie Slater puts her clothes in the freezer. Or sprays them with a vodka and water solution. “And I...

Laundry against landfill: how green are your clothes-washing habits? – quiz

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Doing the laundry has many environmental implications. Take this quiz to find out how eco-friendly your washing isEcover is on a mission to liberate the value of our clothing by challenging the nation to wash wisely, ...