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England look lost as fans’ laughter defines painful defeat to New Zealand

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The boos that reverberated around the Oval back in 1999 were replaced by guffaws at Edgbaston yesterday, as the final wicket of a sorry England batting performance fell at 10.59am. Trent Boult zipped the first ball of...

What my lockdown calls to an old man taught me about laughter, life – and myself

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When the first lockdown began and Boris Johnson finally pointed his finger down our throats and warned us in a tweet that we must stay at home “as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe”, he also ...

Young film-maker finds love and laughter amid the tragedy in Afghanistan’s first romcom

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There are few pavements in Kabul, so when Shahrbanoo Sadat steps out for her daily walk, she shares the roads with cars and tanks. Military helicopters swirl overhead, creating vast clouds of dust. There are thousands...