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Ecuador prison riot leaves 43 dead in latest bloody episode

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Scores of inmates are feared dead in Ecuador after a deadly prison riot broke out between rival drugs gangs, in the latest bloody episode of a wave of violence that has engulfed the country’s prisons. Forty-three pris...

Locust swarms destroy crops in Sardinia’s latest infestation

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Huge swarms of locusts are wreaking havoc on the Italian island of Sardinia, arriving a month earlier than in previous years. The worst-affected area is the province of Nuoro, where the winged insects have decimated c...

Let me introduce you to the plan for London’s latest eyesore – the slab

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I could not imagine that London might inflict any more visual damage to the Thames than it has already done. No city on earth has made such a mess of its river. But one of its biggest and most aggressive office blocks...

Real Madrid’s latest miracle is a tale of 88 seconds and one Ancelotti video

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“Things have happened that no one could possibly imagine,” Carlo Ancelotti said, but you might have heard that one before. You might have seen something a little like this too: last time, per iniziare. And the time bef...

Tibet builds makeshift Covid hospitals amid China’s latest outbreak

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Authorities in Tibet are building massive Covid isolation and care facilities in anticipation of further outbreaks in China even though the remote territory has reported only one case during the pandemic. Temporary ho...

The coastal grandmother: easy, breezy, laid-back yet immaculate – are you ready for the latest on-trend lifestyle?

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Nome: Coastal grandmother. Età: Just incredibly well preserved? Aspetto: Facile, breezy, laid-back yet immaculate, with warm neutrals, lots of linen and coastal vibes. “Coastal vibes” would be a terrible police photo...

After Europe’s latest Covid surge, will the US follow suit?

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As the BA.2 wave reaches its peak in the UK and begins subsiding in some European countries, US health officials are looking to an uncertain future even as American lawmakers have delayed renewing funds to address the...

Tiger Woods writes latest redemption tale as Scheffler surges into Masters lead

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By this point it would be reasonable to assume Tiger Woods is beyond career firsts. Not so and, in questo caso, not for the right reasons. Woods’s celebrated period at Augusta National had never included the playing of ...

Jim Carrey ‘fairly serious’ about retiring after latest film

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The comic actor Jim Carrey has said that he is “fairly serious” about retiring after his latest film in an interview. The actor, best known for leading roles in films including Bruce Almighty, The Mask and How The Gri...

The latest threat to democracy? A Trump-backed candidate willing to ‘find extra votes’

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Donald Trump will return to Michigan on Saturday for his first visit since November 2020 when he spent the final hours of his presidential election campaign desperately trying to hold on to the state and fend off nati...

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