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El último fracaso del Manchester United parece menos un error que parte de un patrón

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Con aproximadamente 10 minutos para el Wankdorf Stadion, hubo un alboroto repentino en el banquillo del Manchester United. El arbitro, Francois Letexier, no había podido detectar una falta sobre Paul Pogba y en la línea de banda Ole Gunnar Sols ...

Three becomes latest mobile firm to bring back roaming charges

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Three is to reintroduce charges for customers who use their phones when travelling in Europe and two dozen other international destinations, the latest of Britain’s biggest mobile companies to do so despite previously...

Covid-19 map of the US: latest cases state by state

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The US emerged as an early hotspot for the coronavirus and it continues to have some of the highest case and death rates in the world. It leads the world in both confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths, according to data ...

Stefanos Tsitsipas desafiante después de que la última pausa para ir al baño del US Open provoque abucheos

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Stefanos Tsitsipas escuchó abucheos de la multitud después de que se tomó otro largo descanso fuera de la cancha en el US Open después de perder un set durante su victoria de segunda ronda sobre Adrian Mannarino.. Tsitsipas dijo que no le molestaba b ...

Will America’s latest redistricting cycle be even worse than the last?

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Happy Thursday, In state capitals all across the United States, mapmakers are quietly beginning the hugely consequential process of drawing the political boundaries that will be in place for the next decade. Using br...

David Squires on … the Harry Kane saga and the latest Premier League action

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Our cartoonist on a mixed week for Spurs, Michail Antonio’s self-love and Arsenal being Arsenal

The ‘pin top’: latest summer trend suggests it’s curtains for modesty

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This summer’s latest trend might – off the body – look as demure as the cardigan, but this is not for the shy and retiring. Described as either the “curtain reveal top” or the “pin top”, the item is worn with nothing ...

Has the latest status symbol become a vegan dog?

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The first rule of flight club is you don’t talk about flight club. While a private jet might once have been the ultimate status symbol, travelling lavishly has turned into a liability for celebrities who want to be ta...

The latest conspiracy theory about the BBC? It’s lying about the weather

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People always say that if the BBC is under equal attack from left and right for being biased against them, that means it’s doing its job. This is fallacious, but in quite a familiar, Churchillian way (“You have enemie...

Plymouth shooting: police confirm ‘very young girl’ among five killed by gunman – latest updates

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Man suspected of killing five people, incluyendo un niño, before turning a gun on himself named as Jake Davison

Straight from 2000s: latest fashion ‘it’ piece is the £3 claw clip

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Fashion’s latest “it” accessory doesn’t come with a three-figure price tag, and it isn’t sold at exclusive boutiques. De hecho, the claw clip can be found in most pharmacies nationwide and costs about £3. The springed ...

The IPCC’s latest climate report is dire. But it also included some prospects for hope

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The first response many of us have to a cancer diagnosis is terror, horror and the conviction that we’re doomed. For those who haven’t been paying serious ongoing attention to climate chaos, reminders that we are faci...

Plymouth shooting: city ‘in mourning’ as gunman named – latest updates

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Man suspected of killing five people, incluyendo un niño, before turning a gun on himself named as Jake Davison

El gobernador de Texas pide ayuda fuera del estado para combatir la última ola de Covid

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El gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, pidió ayuda fuera del estado para combatir la tercera ola de Covid-19 en su estado en medio de advertencias espantosas, mientras que dos de los distritos escolares más grandes del estado anunciaron mandatos de máscaras en def ...

What are England’s latest Covid travel rules?

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Travel restrictions are changing for some travellers again – so keep up to date with our guide to the latest rules. Every three weeks, ministers review the traffic light system that grades countries across the world ...

Victoria Covid lockdown restrictions: latest update to Melbourne and regional Vic coronavirus rules explained

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Daniel Andrews has announced Victoria will go back into a week-long lockdown from 8pm on Thursday 5 agosto. On Thursday afternoon, Andrews said: “All the same reasons and rules we are well accustomed to”. We’re upda...

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