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Ben Roberts-Smith wrote threatening letters to SAS soldier and set fire to his own laptop, la corte ha detto

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Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith has been accused in court, by newspapers defending a defamation claim, of writing an anonymous threat letter to another SAS soldier, warning him he would “go down” for murder...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 revisione: Windows 10 as it is meant to be

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Microsoft’s sleek and stylish Surface Laptop is back for its fourth generation with faster performance and a greater variety of chips. The Surface Laptop 4 is available with either a 13.5in or a 15in screen and starts...

Microsoft wrote off a laptop because it can’t repair the webcam

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Can you please ask Microsoft how it can possibly quote £427 to fix the webcam in my Surface laptop? My only option to get it working is to pay this for a service that, in this case, means replacing the entire laptop. ...

Acer says global chip shortage to slow laptop production until at least next year

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One of the biggest laptop makers in the world, Acer, has said the worldwide global chip shortage will continue to have a “severe” impact on its production capabilities until at least the first or second quarter of nex...

Ben Roberts-Smith wiped laptop containing ‘national security issues’ after being asked not to, il tribunale ascolta

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Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith wiped a laptop containing “national security” issues, five days after being formally requested by lawyers to retain them, the federal court has heard. His wiping of potentially ...

Microsoft launches faster new Surface Laptop 4

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Microsoft has announced the latest in its Windows 10 PC notebook series, the Surface Laptop 4, with a choice of AMD and Intel processors across all sizes for the first time. The Surface Laptop 4 comes with either a 13...