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‘Nurdles are everywhere’: how plastic pellets ravaged a Sri Lankan paradise

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When Adnan Sheikh took his family on holiday to Sri Lanka last October, he booked them into a hotel for two weeks in Sarakkuwa beach, just off the coast from where the X-Press Pearl cargo ship caught fire and sank fiv...

For Sri Lankan reporters, the ghosts of violence and intimidation loom again

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Terror tore through me when I heard that my friend and editor of the Nation newspaper, Keith Noyahr, had been abducted. It was May 2008; the civil war was raging and Sri Lankan troops were chalking up victories agains...

Home Office criticised over handling of Sri Lankan scientist’s asylum claim

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A scientist conducting groundbreaking research into renewable energy is facing deportation with his family to Sri Lanka, where he experienced torture, after receiving contradictory information about his case from the ...

Home Office U-turn on Sri Lankan scientist’s asylum claim

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The Home Office has U-turned on plans to deport a leading scientist carrying out groundbreaking research into affordable forms of solar energy and allowed him and his family to remain in the UK. inizialmente, the Home Of...

Sri Lankan officials brace for oil spill from sinking cargo ship

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Sri Lanka is readying for the possibility of an oil spill after a cargo ship laden with chemicals sank off its western coast. The Singapore-registered MV X-Press Pearl, carrying 1,486 L'industria marittima è stata, Compreso 25 tonnes o...

Sri Lankan president ‘Gota’ clings on to power despite violent protests and new PM

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They have called it “Gota Go Village”. Qui, on what was once an empty stretch of lawn outside the office of the Sri Lankan prime minister, on Colombo’s seafront Galle Face promenade, a thriving community has sprung u...

Sri Lankan president calls second state of emergency in five weeks

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Sri Lanka’s president has declared a state of emergency for the second time in five weeks, giving security forces sweeping powers as a nationwide strike demanding his resignation brought the country to standstill. A s...

Sri Lankan troops open fire to contain unrest over fuel shortages

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Sri Lanka’s military have opened fire to quell rioting at a fuel station, i funzionari dicono, as unprecedented queues for petrol and diesel were seen across the bankrupt country. Troops fired in Visuvamadu, 365km (228 mile...

Two more elephants die after eating plastic waste in Sri Lankan dump

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Conservationists and veterinarians have warned that plastic waste in an open landfill in eastern Sri Lanka is killing elephants, after two more were found dead at the site. Di 20 elephants have died over the last e...