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Hundreds of dead turtles wash ashore in Sri Lanka after cargo ship wreck

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Hundreds of turtles have washed ashore after a ship caught fire and sank off the west coast of Sri Lanka in June in the country’s worst-ever marine disaster, a court in the capital Colombo has heard. A fire erupted on...

England v Sri Lanka: second ODI – live!

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England v Sri Lanka: first ODI – live!

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Dawid Malan answers critics and helps England to T20 sweep over Sri Lanka

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This series had already been decided before a ball had been bowled yet the final match in Southampton did offer Dawid Malan an opportunity to remind everyone why he is still the No 1-ranked batsman in international Tw...

England v Sri Lanka: third men’s T20 international – live!

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England v Sri Lanka: second T20 – live!

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Jos Buttler and Jason Roy steer England to comfortable T20 win over Sri Lanka

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In his 20th innings as opener Jos Buttler hit his ninth half-century as England eased to victory over an emphatically outplayed Sri Lanka, whose sub-par display was summed up by the game’s final moment. With three ove...

England v Sri Lanka: first T20 international – live!

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Cargo ship carrying tonnes of chemicals sinks off Sri Lanka

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A cargo ship carrying tonnes of chemicals has sunk off Sri Lanka’s west coast, and tonnes of plastic pellets have fouled the country’s rich fishing waters in one of its worst marine disasters. The government on Wednes...

Sri Lanka faces environmental disaster as cargo ship burns for days – video

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Aerial footage shows a cargo ship carrying chemicals on fire off the Sri Lankan coast. The fire on MV X-Press Pearl, a Singapore-registered ship, broke out on 20 May and has been burning ever since, spilling microplas...

Sri Lanka faces disaster as burning ship spills chemicals on beaches

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Sri Lanka is facing the worst environmental disaster in its history after a cargo ship carrying chemicals caught fire off its coast, spilling microplastics across the country’s pristine beaches and killing marine life...

Plan International accused of abandoning children in Sri Lanka exit

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One of the world’s largest children’s rights charities has admitted it “made a number of mistakes” when it left Sri Lanka abruptly last year, amid accusations it had misled the public and donors and failed 20,000 vuln...

Stranded Australian cricketers to flee Covid crisis in India via Maldives or Sri Lanka

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Cricketers stranded in India following the suspension of the IPL will return to Australia on a charter flight after they wait in either Sri Lanka or the Maldives for the government’s controversial travel ban to be lif...

UN resolution hailed as ‘crucial turning pointfor victims of Sri Lanka civil war

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Civil rights groups have welcomed a UK-led UN resolution on Sri Lanka as a “crucial turning point for justice” for victims of the country’s nearly 30-year-long conflict. The resolution, which ramps up international mo...

UK tutoring scheme uses under-18s in Sri Lanka paid as little as £1.57 an hour

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Tutors in Sri Lanka who are as young as 17 and earning as little as £1.57 an hour have been used by the government’s flagship national tutoring programme to teach maths to disadvantaged primary school children in Engl...

Sri Lanka to ban burqa and close 1,000 Islamic schools

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Sri Lanka has announced plans to ban the wearing of burqas and said it would close more than 1,000 Islamic schools known as madrassas, citing national security. The minister of public security, Sarath Weerasekara, sai ...