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Language used to describe the climate becoming more urgent, lo studio trova

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When people spoke of a “climate refugee” in the 19th century, they would be describing someone who had moved to a place where the climate is healthier or more congenial. But in modern parlance, the meaning has shifted...

Language evolves to reflect society – trans people are part of that society

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Perhaps this is only true of the middle-aged but the social hiatus caused by the pandemic, coupled with the acceleration of discord in a few key arenas, means that you can meet a friend with whom you’ve agreed all you...

Yurok people see victory in decades-long effort to revive language

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Skip Lowry interacts with nature much like his Yurok ancestors did – in the Indigenous Yurok language. There’s the original name for a purple flower, low-slung Yurok homes and sweet huckleberries. “Our worldview is ha...

Britons getting less tolerant of racist language on TV, Ofcom finds

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Britons are increasingly concerned by the use of racist and transphobic language on television but much more tolerant of swearing, according to the media regulator’s latest investigation into changing social attitudes...

How Māori women have reshaped New Zealand’s media through their native language

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Early this week, Māni Dunlop, presenter of RNZ’s Midday Report Te Pūrongo o te Poutūtanga, sent out an astonished tweet: “It’s a record whānau (famiglia) – no racist messages or texts on the show … is this what progress...

‘It restores my soul’: pandemic offers unexpected boon to Guam indigenous language learners

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Antoinette Charfauros McDaniel, a 58-year-old retired professor in Ohio, is trying to study her mother tongue. CHamoru, Guam’s indigenous language, is dying, with just 20,000 of the 168,000-strong population of the is...

‘Powerful experience’: Lorde releases mini-album in Māori language

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Lorde has released a mini-album of tracks in Māori, describing the project as “powerful” and a “starting point” of a journey. The New Zealand singer re-recorded five tracks from her Solar Power album in te reo Māori, ...

Passing the ‘chimp test’: how Neanderthals and women helped create language

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How and when did human language evolve? Did a “grammar module” just pop into our ancestors’ brains one day thanks to a random change in our DNA? Or did language come from grooming, or tool use, or cooking meat with fi...

Millions of pupils in England had no language teaching in lockdowns – survey

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Millions of children did not receive any language tuition during lockdowns in England, the British Council has said. The council’s annual survey of English primary and secondary schools found that more than half of pr...

Hard Like Water by Yan Lianke review – language as a weapon

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In the opening chapters of Hard Like Water, Yan Lianke’s 2001 novel now published in English, a soldier watches a young woman undo the five buttons of her shirt; she appears to him like an erotic, immortal being. They...

Ex-Hampshire police officer who used racist language found guilty of gross misconduct

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A former police sergeant who used racist and homophobic language in messages to a fellow officer with whom he was having an affair has been found guilty of gross misconduct. The male sergeant used the N-word and a hom...

Watchdog cited in education report condemns its ‘awful’ language

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A government watchdog that was consulted on a parliamentary report on disparities in education has condemned its language as “awful”. Published by the Conservative-dominated Commons education committee on Tuesday, il...

Boris Johnson says he would not repeat ‘offending language’ about Muslims as prime minister – politics live

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Independent review into alleged Islamophobia in the Conservative party finds anti-Muslim sentiment at local association and individual levels

I still haven’t fully mastered the English language – but then, who has?

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Some months ago, my mother and I were taking part in our favourite pastime (entering competitions we have no chance of winning) when we were asked which languages we speak, and to rate our competency from one (“holida...

French dictionary adds record number of new words as Covid shapes language

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One of the bibles of the French language, Le Petit Larousse, is to include a record number of new words many of which have emerged from the coronavirus epidemic. Il 2022 edition of the famous illustrated dictionary c...

Twitter launches prompt in bid to reduce abusive language

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Many of us have dashed off a mean-spirited reply in the heat of the moment. Adesso, Twitter wants to appeal to the good inside even the most callous trolls in an attempt to improve the tone of its social network. From Th...

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