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Transport for London to fine motorists who drive in cycle lanes

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Motorists caught crossing the white lines of mandatory cycle lanes and tracks will be fined from Monday, Transport for London has announced. Under expanded enforcement powers, TfL and all London boroughs can begin iss...

Why bike lanes don’t make traffic worse – video

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Cities in the UK and around the world are installing new bike lanes to help reduce emissions, but some claim they are making traffic worse. The argument goes that bike lanes means less space for cars and therefore mor...

Walking With Ghosts review – Gabriel Byrne’s trip down Dublin’s memory lanes

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Gabriel Byrne’s 2020 book Walking With Ghosts covers common territory for an actor’s memoir, recalling entranced first trips to the cinema, personal encounters with heavyweight movie stars and waiting in the wings on ...

Memory lanes: Google’s map of our lives

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I am leaning against a wall outside my secondary school in my home town of Canterbury, waiting for my mother to pick me up. She is late, as usual. I rest my head on the stone wall, which is obsidian smooth with the oc...

The bikelash paradox: how cycle lanes enrage some but win votes

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Every politician knows the word “bikelash”. From Milan to London, from Sydney to Vancouver, reallocating public space from motor vehicles for people to walk and cycle will inevitably send some residents into paroxysms...