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Massive landslide sweeps away portion of road in India – video

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A massive landslide in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh in India has led to a road collapsing down the side of a mountain. The footage, captured on 30 luglio, has been widely shared on social media and Indian ne...

Dozens dead in Mumbai after ‘monstrous’ monsoon rains cause landslide

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Più di 30 people have died in the Indian city of Mumbai after an intense burst of rainfall caused a landslide and wall collapse, as changing monsoon patterns due to climate change lead to more extreme rains across ...

Landslide review: Michael Wolff’s third Trump book is his best – and most alarming

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The 45th president is out of office and Michael Wolff has brought his Trump trilogy to a close. First there was Fire and Fury, then there was Siege, now there is Landslide. The third is the best of the three, and that...

Liberal party faces up to 12 years in Western Australia wilderness after historic Labor landslide

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The Liberal party in Western Australia could face up to 12 years in opposition after a once-in-a-century wipeout that delivered Labor the biggest majority and the strongest two-party preferred result of any modern Aus...