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Street artist Fin DAC: ‘I’m painting to beautify the urban landscape’

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When Fin DAC gave up his day job to focus on creating enormous murals in city streets all over the world, his primary fear was not so much failing as falling. “I’ve learned to control my fear of heights. I’ve removed ...

Welsh slate landscape becomes UK’s newest world heritage site

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The slate landscape of north-west Wales, said to have “roofed the 19th century world” as its quarries exported slate across the globe, has become the UK’s newest Unesco world heritage site. The landscape surrounding S...

Hares, cranes, bitterns: small triumphs in the battle to rewild Britain’s landscape

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A small patch of Bourne North Fen in Lincolnshire provides an intriguing contrast to the vast stretches of wheat and rapeseed that surround it. Untended for years, this little piece of land is now covered with grass a...

The ersatz hedge: how we’re debasing England’s rural landscape

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Remember the English hedge? That meandering, bushy-bottomed muddle of blossom and blackberries, honeysuckle and wild rose, singing warblers and gothic trees half-buried in the greenery? Meer as 150,000 miles were gr...