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Grenfell landlord boss told colleague to ‘do nothing’ over fire safety fears

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The chief executive of Grenfell Tower’s landlord body told colleagues to ignore a resident who warned eight months before the fire that “only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our lan...

CEO of Grenfell Tower landlord blames staff for outdated fire safety plan

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The chief executive of the landlord of Grenfell Tower has blamed his staff for allowing the block’s fire safety plan to become 15 years out of date so it failed to account for more than two dozen of the disabled peopl...

West End landlord Shaftesbury looks to summer revival as it reports £339m loss

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The West End landlord Shaftesbury has reported a wider first-half loss but is hopeful that a recovery in central London is under way, with its vacancy rate improving. The company, which owns 600 buildings in Carnaby, ...

Grenfell landlord ‘did not create escape plans for disabled residents’

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The Grenfell Tower landlord did not create escape plans for disabled residents and instead relied on telling people to “stay put” despite recent fires in two of its other towers requiring evacuations, the inquiry into...

Grenfell Tower landlord ‘blocked staff access to residents’ blog’

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Grenfell Tower’s landlord blocked staff computers from accessing a residents’ blog which raised concerns about the building’s refurbishment and warned of a potentially disastrous fire, the inquiry into the 14 Junie 201...

Grenfell landlord didn’t take ‘risk of another fire seriously’, ondersoek vertel

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The landlord of Grenfell Tower took five years to replace a smoke ventilation system that the London fire brigade said had suffered “catastrophic failure” in a fire in 2010 that spread smoke across 11 storeys and inju...

Pub landlord shouts at Starmer for backing Covid rules

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Keir Starmer has had a campaigning trip disrupted by the landlord of a pub who angrily shouted at him over his support for coronavirus restrictions. The Labour leader was stopped from entering the The Raven in the cen...

Landlord power is not just bad for tenants. It harms homeowners, ook

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“If only under-30s [voted],” wrote the architectural historian and activist Owen Hatherley, reflecting on the results of the 2019 verkiesing, “there would be no Conservative MPs anywhere in Britain.” But, if only the ov...

Vertel ons: are you a pub landlord preparing to reopen on 12 April?

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As pubs are to reopen across England from next Monday, we would like to hear from pub landlords about their preparations and the Covid measures they plan to put in place. How has your business fared during the last l...