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Mother of woman who died after Lancashire police failings condemns officer

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The mother of a vulnerable woman who died after failings by a Lancashire police officer has said a “stray dog” would have received better care. The custody sergeant’s actions amounted to gross misconduct, a misconduct...

A great walk to a great pub: Four Alls Inn, Higham, Lancashire

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Start Four Alls Inn, Higham, LancashireDistance 7 milesTime 2.5 hoursTotal ascent 533 metresDifficulty Easy to moderate Higham is a great place to start a walk, not too high, not too low. A few miles north of Burnley,...

Hampshire -byeenkoms in die graafskap van die graftitel nadat Lancashire hulle goedkoop ontslaan het

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As die toneel rustig was, die boulers was nie. Toeskouers het in kampstoele oopgevou en oor groen bankies gestrek toe die son van Liverpool in die rigting van sy 1913 -aanddop sak., maar niemand het vroeg vertrek nie. Mohammad A ...

Lancashire police issue appeal for abducted girl, 2, taken to Spain

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A two-year-old girl has been abducted and taken to Spain, Lancashire constabulary have said. Police have launched an urgent appeal for Gracie-May Rogers and said her parents, Kelly Gibson and Lee Rogers, were wanted o...

County cricket day two: Lancashire v Kent, Warwickshire v Durham – live!

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The Barn at Moor Hall, Aughton, Lancashire: ‘Delicious eccentricity’ – restaurant review

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It’s Wednesday lunchtime at The Barn in Aughton, a classy, “relaxed”, fine-dining restaurant, and each and every table is filled with chipper, liberated, double-jabbed sixty-somethings. They are eating plates of brown...

Lancashire artist to pay 150 people to howl in memory of last wolf in England

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The Lancashire artist Jamie Holman is paying 150 people £10 each to howl in unison as part of his upcoming exhibition, a memorial to the last wolf killed in England. Holman put out the call for participants on his Twi...

Most Covid patients in East Lancashire hospital had jab, says council leader

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The majority of people in hospital with Covid-19 in East Lancashire have received a vaccine dose, a council leader has said, as ministers were criticised for “blaming” a resurgence of cases on people who had not yet h...

Lancashire school puts Covid catch-up on hold for wellbeing in wellies

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“Mum, I haven’t got that Sunday feeling today,” declared 10-year-old Elizabeth Fowler at the weekend. A few days earlier she had excitedly brought home a letter from school informing parents that lessons were being ca...