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‘I had the last hug’: palliative care workers lament the good deaths Covid took away

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Rachel Coghlan first witnessed death as a four-year-old when she watched her grandfather collapse and die in front of her. Dopo, as a physiotherapy student working as a carer in a nursing home, she found a woman dead...

'È miope': gli agricoltori lamentano il veto del ristorante Jeremy Clarkson

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Ha lasciato la riunione in un vecchio sbuffo, sbuffando sul fatto che era una brutta giornata per l'agricoltura e licenziando uno dei funzionari della pianificazione come comico, dopo il suo piano per costruire un ristorante in collina nella sua fattoria dell'Oxfordshire ...

‘Atmosphere of fear’: Hong Kong students lament loss of Tiananmen statues

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Sophie Mak, a recent graduate of law and literature, had walked past the fiery orange monument between classes for five years. A month after her graduation ceremony at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), two nights bef...

Oh my days: linguists lament slang ban in London school

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A London secondary school is trying to stop its pupils from using “basically” at the beginning of sentences and deploying phrases such as “oh my days” in a crackdown on “fillers” and “slang” in the classroom. Ark All ...

‘Culture has been wrecked’: swimmers lament changes to Hampstead ponds

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Micah Sami spent her teenage years swimming in the Hampstead ladies’ pond. The freedom to access the water, or sit in the meadow, helped her cope whenever she wasn’t feeling great. But since the City of London Corpora...

Just get a sketchbook out: top UK artists lament decline of drawing classes

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The demise of drawing in some of Britain’s most prestigious art schools has been lamented by leading artists. Their comments come as Sir Peter Blake, who is preparing for a new exhibition, and David Hockney recall the...

Hollywood stars lament closure of Cinerama Dome, home to film premieres

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Actors and directors are lamenting the closing of Los Angeles’s celebrated Cinerama Dome, a staple for red carpet premieres. Los Angeles county recently announced that indoor movie theaters can operate at 50% capacity...

‘Saddest March of our lives’: Brazilians lament Covid devastation as critics decry Bolsonaro

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Like so many on Brazil’s left, Pedro Carvalho was certain Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency would prove a nightmare: for human rights, for the environment and for the national health system the 41-year-old doctor cherishes ...

A flood-hit farmer’s lament for his lost cows: ‘It’s the helplessness of hearing them bellowing

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It was the terrified bellows of his dairy cows as the flood waters rapidly rose around them that broke the Taree dairy farmer Rod Lattimore’s heart. “It’s the helplessness of hearing them bellowing because they are ob...