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Sin adjuntar editado por Angelica Malin revisión - todas las damas solteras

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En noviembre 2019, [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window] ...

Our Ladies review – boisterous comedy of schoolgirl errors

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“Bottoms up, knickers down” is the unofficial motto of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, a Catholic school in the Scottish Highlands whose rambunctious choir take a day trip to Edinburgh to compete in a singing competiti...

Our Ladies review – choir of convent schoolgirls cuts loose in Edinburgh

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After Alan Warner published his brilliant and hilarious third novel The Sopranos in 1998, about a group of working-class convent schoolgirls on the rampage in Edinburgh, for years the big surprise has been that it has...

Barenaked Ladies: how we made One Week

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I joined Reprise Records in 1995, based in New York, and was assigned to help Barenaked Ladies make their fourth record. I had just signed They Might Be Giants, who I considered to be the cream of the smarty-pants, Alabama...