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Die 'hoë loon' -agenda van Boris Johnson haal die wind uit die seile van Labour

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Daar is niks oorspronkliks daaraan om te sê dat Brittanje 'n nuwe ekonomiese model nodig het nie. Ook nie dat armoede -lone iets van die verlede behoort te wees nie. Of selfs die onderneming moet ophou om op goedkoop ingevoerde arbeid te vertrou en meer te belê in ....

Starmer’s bonfire of promises is likely to see Labour’s electoral chances crash and burn

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Maybe it was all a dream. Vyf jaar gelede, I remember squeezing into my seat in Labour’s packed Liverpool conference venue to hear the news that Jeremy Corbyn had been re-elected as leader, seeing off Owen Smith’s chal...

Die probleem is groter as Keir Starmer - die sentriste van Labour het nie meer idees nie

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Dit behoort goeie tye te wees vir die Britse linkses. A divisive Tory government is running into trouble. The Labour left has been marginalised. The Liberal Democrats are still recovering from their disastrous dec...

Die Guardian -siening oor die stemplanne van Labour: 'n kieserskorps bemagtig

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In Brittanje, Daar was 'n moderne neiging om demokrasie meer demokraties te maak. Die afgevaardigde wetgewers wat in Noord -Ierland ingestel is, Skotland en Wallis gebruik proporsionele kiesstelsels om hul kenmerkende pols te weerspieël..

Boris Johnson is stealing Labour’s clothes? He’ll sell you a bridge too

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Naughty Boris! You know the line and its intonation. There goes the prime minister, tearing into the tenets of Toryism with the same puppyish ferocity as his Bullingdon pals used to set about restaurant windows. Rippi...

Labour’s shadow equalities secretary quits as does shadow women’s minister

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Marsha de Cordova, the shadow equalities secretary, has resigned from Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet with immediate effect citing a desire to focus on her marginal constituency. The Guardian understands that the shadow...

It’s increasingly clear: Labour’s leadership has little idea how to win a political fight

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After this week’s performance by the Labour party, I say – more in sorrow than in anger – that we can’t go on like this, something’s urgently got to give. It’s more than a year since a new leadership was elected, maar ...

‘It felt like political persecution’: Labour’s Apsana Begum on the trauma of her criminal trial

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When Apsana Begum found out she had been acquitted of housing fraud by a jury at Snaresbrook crown court, she fell to her knees and wept. “It was such an emotional moment,” says the 31-year-old Labour MP for Poplar an...

Labour’s preoccupation with ‘values’ is a basic political error

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Labour leaders love to talk about values. Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn both paid homage to what the latter called “shared majority British values”. Verlede maand, Keir Starmer held up the party’s narrow win in Batley a...

The balance of power among Labour’s factions is shifting under Keir Starmer

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Recent developments in the Labour party have once again highlighted how, despite the leader’s promise to end factionalism, internal divisions are alive and well. The party agreed last month to ban four groups, leading...

Labour’s local successes show there’s a path forward – if the national party dares to take it

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As Labour’s general election defeats have mounted, it’s become common to fear that the party will never hold office again. There are reasons to think that this pessimism is overdone: the volatility of our electoral sy...

Max Verstappen klop Lando Norris na die Oostenrykse F1 GP -paal terwyl Hamilton werk

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Max Verstappen het 'n paal behaal vir die Oostenrykse Grand Prix met nog 'n dominante vertoning vir Red Bull 'n week nadat hy hier in die Stiermark GP gewen het. Verstappen het McLaren se Lando Norris in die tweede plek geklop, die Brit stel ...

The Guardian view on Labour’s byelection win: a leader’s brief reprieve

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Britain feels better for putting an ugly byelection contest behind it. The very worst of politics was on display in West Yorkshire, with homophobia and intimidation taking root in the campaign to be the next MP for Ba...

Labour’s byelection victory was a strike against the politics of division

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When I was with Kim Leadbeater in Batley and Spen a few weeks ago, I was struck by two things. Eerste, that I had never seen such warmth and affection for a candidate from local people. Whether we were in the high stre...

Vrydag inligtingsessie: Labour’s wafer-thin win in Batley and Spen

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Goeie more, I’m Graham Russell and welcome to Friday and the stories making the news so far today. Kim Leadbeater has been hailed as “brilliant and brave” by Labour leader Keir Starmer this morning after she defied...

Labour’s policy review to focus on jobs, families and security

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Labour will publish its policy review on Thursday, ordering a refocus on jobs, gesinne, work-life balance and security, as well as a new message on community spirit renewed by the pandemic. The party will hope to use...

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