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Labour activists call on Tory MP to withdraw Beergate allegations

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Labour activists in Durham have called on a Conservative MP to withdraw allegations made to the police, accusing him of presenting misleading evidence about Keir Starmer. The move was backed by the dean of Durham Univ...

Wakefield Labour chiefs walk out of final vote on byelection candidate

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Wakefield’s Labour party executive has walked out of the final selection meeting for the party’s byelection, in protest at the candidate choice, which members termed a stitch-up by Labour HQ. In a rebellion by activis...

Labour heavyweight Wes Streeting denies plan to succeed Starmer

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Labour rising star Wes Streeting has denied preparing a leadership bid to replace Keir Starmer after it emerged that the wealthy party donor Waheed Alli hosted a recent fundraising event for him and another MP at his ...

As the shine comes off NZ Labour, Grant Robertson hopes his budget can steady the ship

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New Zealand’s finance minister is one week out from the most important date in his professional calendar – delivering the next budget. And he could be in for a tough sell. The image Grant Robertson carefully cultivate...

Wakefield Labour executive resigns accusing Starmer of byelection stitch-up

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The 16-strong executive of Wakefield constituency Labour party (CLP) has resigned en masse, accusing Keir Starmer of stitching up the selection of a candidate for the forthcoming byelection. Party members in Wakefield...

Windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas could raise £2bn, dice Labor

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A windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas operators could raise more than £2bn to cushion the pain of rising energy bills. Analysis by the Labour party – which has called for the one-off levy – reveals that it could rak...

Los laboristas niegan que el memorando filtrado muestra que Starmer violó las reglas de bloqueo

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Los laboristas han rechazado las afirmaciones de que un memorando de planificación filtrado sobre la visita de Keir Starmer a Durham el año pasado socavó su afirmación de que no violó las reglas de cierre.. El documento laboral, publicado por el Mail on Sunday, sho ...

Workington Man turned Tory in 2019 but slipped back to Labour in UK local elections

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When a Conservative-supporting thinktank tried to analyse the forthcoming 2019 eleccion general, it dreamed up an archetypal swing voter who it said would be key to a Tory victory. Winning over the “Workington Man” – ...

Labour counts ‘red wall’ gains but admits there is more work to do

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Labour activists still shudder at the thought of recent campaigns in many “red wall” areas. In Hartlepool, one recalled seeing canvassers shaking with fear before going out to knock doors. Este año, several party fig...

Labour heading for second in Scottish elections as Tory vote plummets

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Scottish Labour is set to become the closest challenger to Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National party after Conservative support plunged to its worst electoral result in a decade. Labour enjoyed an unexpected win in SN...

Labour has done better in these local elections than it might seem

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Local elections are nearly always a mixed bag; giving expression to divergent points of view in different areas is part of the point of having local elections at all. But each year has its own broad trend. En 2018 Lab...

Labour celebrates election sweep of Tory flagship councils in London – video

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The Labour party has taken control of several Conservative flagship councils in London, including Wandsworth for the first time since the 1970s and Westminster for the first time since its creation in 1964. Secuestrador sentenciado en caso de que la policía dijera por primera vez que era un engaño de 'Gone Girl'.

Labour faces an open goal in this week’s local elections. It mustn’t miss

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This week’s local government elections take place against the backdrop of a deepening cost of living crisis. Inflation is at its highest level in three decades, and the worst is yet to come. With wages struggling to k...

‘We’ve had lots of switchers’: Labour candidates optimistic in Worthing

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"Normalmente, I can go either way, but I don’t like what’s going on in the Conservative party,” says Dawn Gibbs, standing on her doorstep in the seaside town of Worthing. “At the last general [elección] I did vote Conser...

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