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World’s largest lab-grown steak unveiled by Israeli firm

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The largest lab-grown steak yet produced has been unveiled by the Israeli company MeaTech 3D, weighing in at nearly 4oz (110 grams). The steak is composed of real muscle and fat cells, derived from tissue samples take...

Eco-friendly, lab-grown coffee is on the way, but it comes with a catch

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Heiko Rischer isn’t quite sure how to describe the taste of lab-grown coffee. This summer he sampled one of the first batches in the world produced from cell cultures rather than coffee beans. “To describe it is diffi...

Will lab-grown meat ever rival the real thing? Ons vra die kenner

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There are many complicated words for my diet – flexitarian, reducetarian, carnesparsian (from carne meaning meat, and eating it sparsely, because there is nothing like using Latin to give heritage to something made up...

Lab-grown dairy is the future of milk, navorsers sê

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Vir dekades, people on plant-based diets were restricted to soya-based options to recreate dairy, until veganism went mainstream and a clutch of palate-pleasing almond, coconut and oat-based alternatives emerged. Laaste ...

Secrets and pies: the battle to get lab-grown meat on the menu

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Not a week goes by without Elliot Swartz receiving at least one request from researchers asking him where they can find cell lines (a cell culture developed from a single cell) for use in cellular agriculture – an ess...

Lab-grown meat is on the rise. It’s time to start asking tough questions

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The salad looks relatively normal: fried chicken, leafy greens, red cabbage, slices of mandarin, a mango-sesame dressing on the side. But this is no ordinary salad. Getting hold of this particular lunchbox involved st...