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Kwasi Kwarteng apologises to standards watchdog for questioning her job

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Kwasi Kwarteng has apologised to parliament’s standards watchdog for casting doubt on her future in the role earlier this month, as MPs prepared to vote on reversing the No 10’s botched attempt to overhaul up the ethi...

Energy crisis: minister denies Kwasi Kwarteng lied over Treasury claims

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A minister has sought to play down splits between government departments over support for firms struggling with fast-rising energy prices, denying that the business secretary had lied and blaming a spat between the Tr...

Kwasi Kwarteng accused of misleading claims over power cable project

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A cabinet minister has been accused of making misleading claims about a £1.2bn cable project linked to a Conservative donor. Almost one in 10 Conservative MPs had taken money from firms linked to Viktor Fedotov, revea...

Energy crisis: more Treasury support for firms unlikely, suggests Kwarteng

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Die sakesekretaris, Kwasi Kwarteng, has suggested struggling energy and manufacturing companies will not get much more support from the Treasury, saying he was liaising with the chancellor but did not expect billi...

Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng ‘looking at all options’ over energy windfall tax – business live

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Deurlopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuusVroeër:

Maandag inligtingsessie: Kwarteng steps on the gas

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Oggend, I’m Virginia Harrison with the top stories this morning. Britain’s looming gas crisis will be in focus today as business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng holds an emergency summit with gas industry chiefs in an effo...

Kwarteng to hold emergency meeting with gas chiefs over price crisis

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Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, will hold an emergency summit with gas industry chiefs on Monday morning in an effort to contain the fallout caused by soaring market prices on consumers and businesses. Mid-lev...

Kwasi Kwarteng intervenes in takeover bid of UK defence firm Ultra Electronics

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The takeover of the British defence firm Ultra Electronics by a US private equity company will be investigated on national security grounds, after the business minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, told the competition regulator ...

Flexible working ‘is here to stay’, says Kwasi Kwarteng

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Flexible working, enabling people to carry on doing their jobs partly from home, will outlast the pandemic and is “here to stay”, a UK cabinet minister has said. Die sakesekretaris, Kwasi Kwarteng, said government...

Kwasi Kwarteng defends Hancock over Covid care home claims

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The UK business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, has defended Matt Hancock against criticism that he failed to protect people in care homes at the outset of the Covid pandemic, saying residents “were protected as far as we ...

Kwasi Kwarteng must hold line on corporate and audit reforms

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The usual shorthand to describe a government white paper that has taken ages to trundle down the runway is “long awaited”. The phrase doesn’t do justice to the slow progress of the business department’s consultation o...

‘Compelling reasons’ not to open Cumbrian coal mine, says Kwasi Kwarteng

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There are “very compelling reasons” not to open a controversial planned coalmine in Cumbria, business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said on Wednesday. The statement is the clearest indication to date of oppositi...