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Virat Kohli’s plans undone by England patience and mysteries of Headingley

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It’s 11.23am and Virat Kohli is jogging down the Headingley steps. The sky is a watery grey, the air is thick with cheers and boos and India are four for two. In his 15-year career as a batter and captain, Kohli has p...

England beaten and bullied by a team moulded in Virat Kohli’s image

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Ollie Robinson emerges from the darkness of the Long Room on his way out to the middle. England are 90 for seven and Robinson is about to face the hat-trick ball from Mohammed Siraj. All around the ground, India fans ...

Jimmy Anderson frustrated by delay but delighted with Virat Kohli’s wicket

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Met 619 wickets in his Test career, James Anderson is never going to be short of a happy memory – or 10 – but even the traditionally dour leader of England’s attack was prepared to admit that getting India’s captain,...