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Candyman review – knowing horror sequel

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In Bernard Rose’s original 1992 horror film, a white female graduate student investigated the Candyman myth and the site of his haunting – Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project – as part of her research. Director Ni...

I suffer from three chronic conditions. The worst part is knowing my pain could have been prevented

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One summer’s day in 2009, ero 17 and on a beach holiday with friends when I was struck very suddenly by a stabbing pain in my abdomen. Nel 12 years since, it has never gone away. The pain was so bad that I was ad...

Uncovered: money-saving perks you might have without knowing it

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There are few things better than a discount or a special offer, but while you look out for vouchers and deals, you may have a number of valuable perks available that you are unaware of or not using to your full advant...

Home Office housed asylum seekers in barracks despite knowing Covid risk

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The Home Office knew that housing asylum seekers in dormitories at military barracks posed a risk of Covid-19 outbreaks but went ahead with the plan anyway, according to internal documents seen by the Guardian. Nearly...