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Night of the Kings review – a heady Ivorian brew of fact and fantasy

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Of the three Ivory Coast submissions for the foreign language film Oscar over the years, two have been by the writer-director Philippe Lacôte: 2014’s Run, which was widely regarded as heralding an Ivorian film-making ...

Night of the Kings review – Ivory Coast prison drama escapes into magical realism

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The Maca prison, outside Abidjan, is a world with its own codes and rules, we are told, and this imaginative, energetic Ivorian drama follows suit, blending modern-day thriller dynamics and fluid handheld visuals with...

Spanish kings, Tyrone Mings and was that really a trip into space? Take the Thursday quiz

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Once again we ask you to take on the ultimate Thursday challenge – assuming you consider 15 questions on general knowledge and topical trivia plus a few jokes to be the ultimate challenge. If not, wel, why not do it ...

What happens at Sun Valley, the secret gathering of unelected billionaire Kings?

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There comes a moment in every good gangster movie when all of the villains come together in a remote hideaway to make nefarious plans. If the good guys are smart, this is the moment they swoop in and arrest everyone. ...

King’s College in Cambridge reviews its ban on wild swimming

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A Cambridge University college has signalled a climbdown in its ban on wild swimming by stating it will not be prosecuting anyone who swims responsibly in the Cam. King’s College has also promised a review after the b...

Comeback kings Harlequins crowned as most extraordinary champions yet

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It goes without saying this was an epic. Another. And in this era of the comeback, who should be crowned as the English champions but a team that had seemed in pieces only a few months ago, their coach gone, their for...

Jürgen Klopp’s fallen Premier League kings have five games to save season

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Mohamed Salah had tossed his shirt away in celebration and Alisson, perhaps particularly eager to mark a rare assist, had sprinted 100 yards to become the first to join him when Anfield erupted into a chorus not heard...

Kings of Leon: ‘There are no punches being thrown any more!’

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Something remarkable happened during the making of the eighth Kings of Leon album. For the first time ever, the four Followills – brothers Caleb, Jared, Nathan and their cousin Matthew – got through the recording sess...