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Die onmeetlike vriendelikheid van huisartse

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As 'n huisarts wat einde verlede jaar afgetree het, nadat ek die laaste nege maande van my loopbaan in die primêre sorg in Londen gewerk het, Ek was wanhopig toe ek herhaalde kritiek op huisartse hoor. So dankie, Zoe Williams, f ...

Amélie the Musical review – kindness, kooks and kissing cellos in the city of love

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Twenty years ago, Jean-Pierre Jeunet introduced us to Amélie Poulain, the Parisian waitress who loves skipping stones, cracking into creme brulee and craning her neck at the cinema to see the audience’s faces. Such is...

First Cow review – celebrating the milk of human kindness

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“The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship,” reads the William Blake quotation that opens Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow, setting the tone for a deceptively simple tale of man’s natural home – companionship – and...

My charity Easter egg post was dairy shamed: what happened to the milk of human kindness?

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N paar dae gelede, I was asked to share a Facebook post for a charity I’m working with, one that provides groceries and food for Crawley’s most vulnerable families. In the message, people were asked to donate Easter eggs...