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Philippines struck by powerful 7 magnitude earthquake, killing at least two

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A strong earthquake left at least two people dead and injured dozens in the northern Philippines, where the temblor set off small landslides and damaged buildings and churches and prompted terrified crowds and hospita...

Gunman opens fire at Texas elementary school, uccidendo almeno 19 children – video report

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A gunman who opened fire at an elementary school in Texas has killed at least 19 children and two adults. Texas governor Greg Abbott said the suspected gunman was an 18-year-old man named Salvador Ramos. The shooter d...

Oil tanker explodes in Sierra Leone, uccidendo almeno 99 persone

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An oil tanker has exploded near Sierra Leone’s capital, uccidendo almeno 99 people and severely injuring more than 100 others after large crowds gathered to collect leaking fuel, officials and witnesses said on Saturd...

Suspected jihadists attack villages in Niger killing at least 137 persone

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Attacks by suspected jihadists in villages in Niger’s Tahoua region have left 137 people dead, il governo ha detto, in another massacre that has underscored the huge security challenges facing new President Mohame...