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Sirhan Sirhan: Robert Kennedy’s oldest son condemns killer’s possible parole

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Former congressman Joseph P Kennedy II, the oldest son of Robert F Kennedy, has denounced the possible parole of Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of killing his father in California in 1968. “Two commissioners of the...

The Killers: Pressure Machine review – their best album in years

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This country has two more national anthems than most: God Save the Queen, Three Lions and the Killers’ Mr Brightside, a song so anthemic it punches the air in its sleep. Yet the US band have never written a great ball...

Tonight’s TV: the parents of high-school killers share their experiences

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An intensely intimate and challenging film from Storyville, featuring the stories of three parents whose children have all perpetrated high school shootings in the US. Jeff Williams recounts how his son Andy orchestr...

Mexiko: bone fragments of 17 victims found at suspected serial killer’s house

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Investigators digging under the house of a suspected serial killer on the outskirts of Mexico City have found 3,787 bone fragments so far, apparently belonging to 17 different victims. Prosecutors in the state of Mexi...