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Hull man shot by police was unlawfully killed, inquest jury rules

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A man shot dead by police while carrying an axe on a city centre street was unlawfully killed, an inquest jury has ruled. Lewis Skelton, 31, died after he was shot twice by a police officer in Hull after Tasers had no...

Ten minste 46 killed as fire engulfs building in southern Taiwan

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A cross-departmental investigation has been launched in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, after at least 46 people died and another 41 were injured in a fire in that engulfed a building overnight. The 13-store...

Stephen Port laptop not inspected until he had killed three times, inquest told

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The serial killer Stephen Port’s laptop was not submitted for forensic examination by police until 10 months after the death of his first victim, by which time he had killed two others, 'n geregtelike doodsondersoek het gehoor. The devic...

Ministers kan terugbied om die aantal diere wat doodgemaak word, te verminder sonder om verstom te word

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Ministers oorweeg dit om 'n steun van 'n Tory -LP om die aantal diere wat geslag word, te verminder sonder om verstom te word, terwyl die beskerming van godsdienstige regte op halal en kosher vleis. Chris Loder, 'n advokaat vir dierewelsyn, is ...

Miro Rys: US football’s first teenage star was killed before his prime

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During a locker room celebration after a World Cup qualifying win over Canada on 20 Oktober 1976, Miro Rys could not have been more elated. The 19-year-old striker not only scored the opener of the US’s 2-0 triumph bu...

Eight killed after plane crashes into Milan office building

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A small single-engined plane carrying six passengers and a crew of two has crashed into the side of an empty two-storey office building in a Milan suburb, killing everyone onboard. Investigators opened an inquiry into...

The mafia killed Alessandra Clemente’s mother. Now she wants to take them on as mayor of Naples

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Aan 11 Junie 1997, a 10-year-old girl named Alessandra Clemente heard 41 gunshots from an open window at her home in Naples, as she was waiting for her mother to return for lunch. When the shooting stopped, she ran to t...

My pa is wreed vermoor deur die Taliban. Die VSA het sy pleidooie om hulp geïgnoreer

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Die nag van 27 September 1996 sou altyd 'n lang een wees. Ek was wakker toe ek studeer vir middeltermyn -eksamens toe my ma, kalm maar ongemaklik, het die nuus gehoor dat my pa uit die Verenigde Nasies se samestelling gehaal is..

Aaron Lowe becomes second Utah player killed by gun in less than a year

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Police in Salt Lake City have confirmed University of Utah cornerback Aaron Lowe was killed in a shooting incident early on Sunday morning. The killing happened at house party and police say an unidentified female was...

Die polisie ondersoek nadat vrou en seun in 'n val by die balpark in San Diego dood is

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Die polisie in San Diego ondersoek die dood van 'n vrou en haar tweejarige seun nadat hulle Saterdag van die derde vlak van Petco Park geval het, net soos duisende bofbal -aanhangers na 'n Padres -gaaie gegaan het..

‘I feel a bit rusty’: Has Covid killed our sex lives?

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This year was meant to be a replay of the roaring 20s, your hot girl or boy summer. We’d be hedonistic, bacchanalian and, above all, getting laid. All the pent-up energy of lockdowns, the only time it has ever been il...

Matt Ratana: memorial service to be held for Met officer killed in line of duty

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A special memorial service for the Metropolitan police sergeant Matiu “Matt” Ratana, who was shot and killed on duty last year, will be held so police officers get the chance to say a final farewell to their colleague...

School pays tribute to Derbyshire pupils killed during sleepover

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Three children killed during a sleepover were “popular” and “positive” pupils who had bright futures ahead of them, their school has said, as police continued to question a man on suspicion of murder. Terri Harris, 35...

Covid-19 het nou soveel Amerikaners doodgemaak as die 1918-19 grieppandemie

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Covid-19 het nou soveel Amerikaners doodgemaak as die 1918-19 grieppandemie - meer as 675,000. Die Amerikaanse bevolking 'n eeu gelede was net 'n derde van wat dit vandag is, wat beteken dat griep baie groter is, more lethal swath t...

Ten women and girls killed every day in Mexico, Amnesty report says

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Ten minste 10 women and girls are murdered every day in Mexico, according to a new report that says victims’ families are often left to carry out their own homicide investigations. The scathing report, released on Monda...

Grimsby doctor who nearly killed partner in ‘exorcism’ rituals jailed

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An anaesthetist has been given a 14-and-a-half year jail sentence for injecting his partner with drugs during a series of exorcism ceremonies that left her close to death. Dr Hossam Metwally, 61, made dozens of record...

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