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Kurt Zouma admits animal welfare offences over cat kicking video

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The West Ham defender and French international Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty to animal welfare offences over video footage showing him kicking and slapping a cat. Zouma appeared at Thames magistrates court alongside h...

Kicking universities is no way to solve the divide between the academic and the rest

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The British class system continues to cast its noxious shadow. For more than a century, British working-class children and teenagers have been offered second-best routes to education and training. Al contrario, middle-...

Primary school teacher sacked after being caught on film kicking horse

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A primary school teacher has been sacked after footage of a horse being kicked and slapped sparked outrage on social media. Sarah Moulds, 37, was initially suspended from her position after the video showed a horse be...

Tory chair: North Shropshire voters have given us a kicking

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The Conservative party co-chair Oliver Dowden has conceded that voters have given the government “a kicking” after the Liberal Democrats clinched an extraordinary victory in the North Shropshire byelection with a swin...