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Germany’s election result could soon be inspiring Europe’s centre left

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Germany’s general election signals far more than just the end of the Angela Merkel era. Although it will eventually produce yet another centrist coalition government, this should not be dismissed as simply the same ol...

Boris Johnson’s anti-sleaze plan is purely for show. He knows it will not pass

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Under Theresa May and Boris Johnson, the Conservative party has become increasingly ungovernable. The process shows no sign of stopping. It will continue in the next parliament, especially if Johnson wins with a small...

En los EE.UU, Joe Biden is backing the unions. Britain can only look on in envy

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La semana pasada, Joe Biden unveiled a $2tn infrastructure renewal plan whose boldness and scale caught the attention of the world. He began his launch speech in Pittsburgh with a particularly striking affirmation. “I’m a un...

Crime always pays for the Tories – that’s why they turn to it again and again

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It is not difficult to see why Boris Johnson’s first post-isolation photo op was to appear alongside the home secretary, Priti Patel, and talk tough about crime. Ministers are keen to wrench the political argument tow...

Starmer has a second shot at making a good first impression. He mustn’t waste it

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David Cameron writes in his memoirs that two days in the calendar matter more for a leader of the opposition than all the others. One is the date of the leader’s autumn party conference speech, which gives a rare chan...

Westminster neglected the union for decades. No wonder it’s crumbling

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Three weeks from now, if opinion polls are correct, the Scottish National party will win another term as Scotland’s government. It will do so armed with a mandate to hold a referendum on independence. Elections, of co...

Steve McQueen’s Uprising films speak powerfully to the Britain of today

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Hace cuarenta años, following the most intense and widespread urban disorder in 20th century Britain, the Times journalist Lucy Hodges and I co-wrote a book on the riots of 1981. In honour of Bob Marley, who died that sp...

An electoral fix alone won’t save Britain’s progressives. Agreeing principles might

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To the end, Shirley Williams always described herself as a democratic socialist. En su 2009 autobiography, easily one of the best political memoirs of her generation, she describes a lifetime spent “trying to hammer ...

Like Brexit, Boris Johnson’s vision for ‘global Britainis an idea not a policy

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Defence reviews and foreign policy resets come and go in British politics. Some of their conclusions struggle to survive sustained contact with the real world. Most are remembered only by defence specialists and which...

Arlene Foster has been thrown to the wolves by Johnson’s Brexit games

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Si 23 out of your 27 devolved assembly members, plus four of your eight Westminster MPs, along with lots of your local councillors and party members, have all signed letters calling on you to resign, then politically ...

Overconfident and rebellious – Johnson will rue the day he made a Tory party in his own image

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Compared with the fate of the globe, that of Boris Johnson is infinitesimally trivial. Yet the two things are interconnected. En noviembre, Johnson hosts what is likely to be a knife-edge Cop26 climate summit in Glasgo...

Un sinvergüenza puede ser, pero Boris Johnson está bien situado para sobrellevar esta crisis

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En medio del accidente automovilístico conservador por el asunto de cabildeo de Owen Paterson, Le pregunté a un conservador de alto rango si pensaba que el ignominioso cambio de sentido de Boris Johnson cambiaría ahora el panorama político del partido.. Él responde ....

Lo que sucedió en la BBC y la policía del Met muestra los peligros del pensamiento grupal

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Doris Lessing siempre hacía preguntas incómodas. Los posó en sus novelas sobre temas como el sexo., política e ilusión. Los posó en su periodismo sobre armas nucleares y migración.. Y ella las posó en él ....

It used to feel that life hung in the balance during US-Russia summits. No longer

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Joe Biden’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva looked like a summit, sounded like a summit, and in some genuine senses really was a summit. But it was not an east-west superpower summit in the 20th-century sense. I...

Los conservadores ahora ven que aunque Johnson puede ganar las elecciones, él simplemente no puede gobernar

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El discurso de la CBI de Boris Johnson puede resultar ser uno de esos momentos que definen condenatoriamente a un primer ministro en la mente del público y de los que nunca podrán desprenderse.. Muchos esperarán que suceda algo que destruya la reputación..

That wasn’t quite the resounding Conservative election victory it seemed

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Britain’s 2021 local and devolved elections can be summed up in three statements. The first is that good results for the Conservatives conceal more problems for them than meet the eye. The second is that the results s...

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