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Corruption blights the developing world but the US and Europe are accomplices

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La semana pasada, John Penrose, Boris Johnson’s anti-corruption tsar, resigned in protest at his leader’s apparent breach of the ministerial code during Partygate. En Enero, Lord Agnew resigned as a Treasury minister, ange...

Crypto crisis means regulation will come sooner rather than later

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With cryptocurrency prices plummeting as central banks start to raise interest rates, many are wondering if this is the beginning of the end of the bubble. Perhaps not yet. But a higher opportunity cost of money dispr...

Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson revealed in This England teaser

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Kenneth Branagh’s depiction of Boris Johnson has been revealed in a clip from the upcoming drama series This England, which follows the prime minister’s tumultuous first months in Downing Street as he grapples with th...

Veteran actor Kenneth Tsang dies in Hong Kong Covid quarantine hotel

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The veteran Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang has died in a Covid-19 quarantine hotel in the city. Tsang was best known internationally for his action roles in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day, John Woo’s The Kill...

Oscars 2022: Kenneth Branagh wins for Belfast – live!

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The 94th Academy Awards are under way in Hollywood, on the biggest night in the film industry’s year• The full list of winners – as they are announced• The best looks on the red carpet – in pictures

Barbados can be a beacon for the region – if it avoids some of its neighbours’ mistakes

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The charismatic prime minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, elevated her country’s status in the world with her stinging speech at Cop26 in Glasgow last month. This speech resonated throughout the West Indies, a region t...

Kenneth Baker: plan to scrap BTecs is an act of vandalism

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The former Conservative education secretary Kenneth Baker has described the government’s overhaul of vocational and technical qualifications at schools and colleges in England as “an act of vandalism”. Lord Baker, OMS...

Obituario de Kenneth Kaunda

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El presidente de Zambia de 1964 a 1991, Kenneth Kaunda, quien ha muerto envejecido 97, se destacó como uno de los líderes africanos más humanos e idealistas en la era posterior a la independencia. Un hombre de gran presencia y encanto., él p ...

Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s founding president, muere envejecido 97

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Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s founding president and one of Africa’s last surviving liberation leaders, has died at a military hospital in Lusaka, where he was being treated for pneumonia. Él era 97. Kaunda ruled the south...

Tackling cross-country inequality is the key to global stability

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What is remarkable about the increase in nationalist sentiment across the developed world in recent years is that it is occurring at a time when many of today’s most pressing challenges, including the climate emergenc...