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Kehinde Wiley: The Prelude review – old masterpieces, new illusions

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The African American art star Kehinde Wiley is probably most famous for his official portrait of Barack Obama, tieless and relaxed yet deeply pensive in his chair. Emerald foliage floats around him, entwining his ankl...

Escape from the cage of whiteness – Kehinde Wiley: The Prelude review

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Kehinde Wiley, the official portraitist of former president Barack Obama, has also made paintings of Grandmaster Flash, Ice-T and Michael Jackson, as well as various sports stars, not to mention fellow artists Lynette...

Artist Kehinde Wiley: ‘The new work is about what it feels like to be young, Black and alive in the 21st century’

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Kehinde Wiley has a love-hate relationship with western art history. “There’s something glorious about the portraits that you see of aristocrats and royal families. Something beautiful in those expansive imperialist l...