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Simone Biles keeping ‘the door open’ for Olympic return at Paris 2024

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Simone Biles says she may return to Olympic competition again at the 2024 Games in Paris. Biles will be 27 when the Paris Olympics start, an age at which most gymnasts have long retired. Maria Gorokhovskaya won the wo...

Mantener a los seres queridos a salvo no es "acobardarse", Sajid Javid

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Cuán absolutamente incomprensible que la secretaria de salud nos diga que no nos acobardemos ante Covid, a pesar de su disculpa posterior (Sajid Javid se disculpa por decir que era hora de dejar de "acobardarme" de Covid). Pero por que no lo soy ...

Los países ricos mantienen "deliberadamente" las vacunas de Covid en África, dice enviado

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El enviado especial de la Unión Africana, Strive Masiyiwa, ha acusado a las naciones más ricas del mundo de no proporcionar deliberadamente suficientes vacunas Covid-19 al continente.. Nos quedamos solos, enviado especial del sindicato a la vacuna africana..

Hello possum: the New Zealanders keeping invasive marsupials as pets

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Maurice likes to stay up all night. When he finally settles down at 5am, he makes sure everyone knows he’s there – then he curls up and sleeps all day. “When he’s ready to go to bed, he gives us a good face wash to sa...

Pretending that booing England is about ‘keeping politics out’ is cowardly

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Romania’s players agreed to take the knee for the first time at the Riverside Stadium as a gesture of solidarity with their English hosts. As loud, angry boos rang out around the ground the Romanians must have wondere...

‘Don’t freak out!’ Why keeping calm and carrying on exercising can help back pain

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Turns out pandemics can be atrocious for our backs. By last October, more than a third of people in the UK had reported increased back pain, according to one study – and that was before an intense winter lockdown, fo...

Jorja Smith: Be Right Back review – keeping the same flame burning

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Why is the shortest track always the sweetest? Under two minutes long, Hora, on Jorja Smith’s eight-track Be Right Back, is a tender arrangement of vulnerable vocals over acoustic guitar. “I’m not here to hug you, I’m...

Honkaku: a century of the Japanese whodunnits keeping readers guessing

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After a day of joyous wedding celebrations, a bloodcurdling scream echoes into the night. The newlywed bride and groom are found dead in their bed, stabbed with a katana sword, now thrust into the snow outside. Their ...

‘It’s about keeping safe’: Peak District welcomes visitors as Mansfield cases rise

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On the coronavirus map of Britain, the Derbyshire Dales has reached epidemiological nirvana. The region of 72,000 people has recorded only nine Covid cases in the past fortnight, making it one of the least-infected pl...

The dogs keeping office workers company through lockdown

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“Dogs are just like ‘play, eat, sleep’ – they bring me back into the moment. I think we can all learn something from that,” says Carole Henderson, who has been taking her “furry backup” to the office for the last few ...

Keeping an eye on the force: life in the real Line of Duty

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As the popular BBC drama returns, a former crime reporter takes a look at the reality of fighting police corruptionLast week, an officer from South Wales police received formal notification that they were under invest...

Obay Alsharani: the Syrian refugee keeping his mind free with ambient music

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The 30-year-old Syrian producer Obay Alsharani’s debut album, Sandbox, is stunning. Its textural layers and floating fragments of melody easily match Burial or Boards of Canada’s abilities to deliver devastating emoti...