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Keegan Petersen steers South Africa to stunning Test series win over India

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Keegan Petersen scored a superb 82 as South Africa completed a seven-wicket victory in the third Test and a 2-1 series win over India on a spiteful Newlands pitch having chased down their challenging target of 212 en ...

What connects C’mon C’mon director Mike Mills to Kevin Keegan and Suzi Quatro?

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Taking the baton from Rebecca Hall’s recently released film Passing, C’mon C’mon is another classily shot monochrome affair, this time from US director/writer/artist/all-round-creator Mike Mills (husband of director/w...

Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan – between happiness and ruin

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In all Claire Keegan’s stories, there is a family. The protagonist changes – the father, the mother, a son or daughter. But this figure never stands very far out in front. En lugar de, the narrative gains its emotional re...

Victor Keegan: ‘They gave me a demo and showed me things I couldn’t believe’

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Technology isn’t a beat with a natural affinity for nostalgia. The industry thrives on its futuristic image, worships boy-CEOs and renders the past obsolete at a frightening pace. Even in the eight years I’ve sat on t...

Relegation’s too good for Boris Johnson and his team of Brexit fantasists

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It turns out that throughout the Brexit discussions with the British government, the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, was keeping a diary. That he managed to do this at the end of days of usually frustrating tal...

William Keegan

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Chancellor Sunak made much of his attachment to fiscal prudence in the run-up to last Wednesday’s budget – so much so that balancing the books seemed to become a moral crusade. This worried a lot of people. As that gr...