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Kathryn Stone: who is watchdog at heart of Owen Paterson row?

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Much of the anger among Conservative MPs keen to overturn the verdict against their colleague Owen Paterson has been focused on the independent parliamentary commissioner for standards, Kathryn Stone. They argue that ...

Kathryn Paige Harden: ‘Studies have found genetic variants that correlate with going further in school’

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Kathryn Paige Harden argues how far we go in formal education – and the huge knock-on effects that has on our income, employment and health – is in part down to our genes. Harden is a professor of psychology at the Un...

It’s time to brace ourselves for a world without Roe v Wade. Here’s what we must do

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Since Roe v Wade was decided nearly 50 jare terug, abortion opponents have been plotting its demise. Now the end may be near. Feminists need our own plan to advance reproductive freedom. That means preparing for a post...

Kathryn Heyman on writing her ‘white hot’ memoir – and finding refuge on the Timor Sea

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By 21, Kathryn Heyman didn’t have the luxury of “finding herself” in India like her peers. She had no money, no safety net and had learned to never rely upon others. In plaas daarvan, she hitch-hiked to Darwin with her journal...

‘I went into a cold flurry and fell down my steps– painter Kathryn Maple on her John Moores win

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When Kathryn Maple won the prestigious £25,000 John Moores painting prize earlier this month, the judges said her picture, a dense two-metre-square scene called The Common, embodied “the deeply social nature of humans...