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Politics rides roughshod over substance as Scott Morrison tries to spin his way out of Covid corner

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What a strange and unfulfilling day Tuesday was. The government released modelling from the Doherty Institute. This is important, weighty material, and the public is anxious and aggravated. It would have been sensible...

Morrison offers microaggression and deflection, when all we want is an apology – and a solution

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It was hard to keep up. A reporter asked Scott Morrison on Wednesday whether he would consider appealing directly to the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (Atagi) to change their medical advice on As...

How is Katharine Hepburn linked to Daniel Day-Lewis? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 Which US state is named after a fictional black queen?2 What room is literally a place to sulk in?3 Which pope came from Hertfordshire?4 What resource is stored in a vault in Svalbard?5 Observed by Jocelyn Bell in 1...

We’ve ridden Barnaby’s boom bust cycle before. God knows what’s to come

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It’s been a week where problems broke containment lines. Sydney battled its scary coronavirus outbreak, locking down local government areas by Friday. In Canberra, Barnaby Joyce managed to barge his way back to the de...

Getting Australia’s trade deal over the line with lamb, pavlova and a side of ‘soft diplomacy’

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On Monday morning, we saw one of those organic redirections that sometimes happen in politics. If the Nationals hadn’t lunged to take out their leader Michael McCormack, another story about Scott Morrison and an undec...

The Morrison government’s ‘vaccine rollout is not a race’ nonsense tells us a lot about what’s gone wrong

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Given the seriousness of the times, it seems ridiculous for the Morrison government to be mired in whether or not Australia’s coronavirus vaccination rollout either is, or is not a race. But here we are. Mired. Sólo ...

Scott Morrison was so keen to own a successful vaccine rollout he forgot the downside risk of overseeing a debacle

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It’s not entirely clear how encouraging words cleared the gritted teeth of the New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, esta semana, but he managed it. The precursor to Hazzard gritting his teeth was Scott Morriso...

Morrison’s cabinet reshuffle makes women responsible for helping men who should know better, know better

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Incredible, De Verdad, (and yet crushingly predictable, de alguna manera) that Andrew Laming would have the audacity to make an appeal for privacy while finding the time to front his local radio station and dish some alternative ...

Voices raised in anger are echoing throughout the land, but it seems Morrison still can’t hear

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It was a sea of black outside the parliament, with a sprinkling of masks and a smattering of hot pink pussy hats – a human sea tumbling down the forecourt back towards the old parliament. But Brittany Higgins wasn’t c...