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What it is really like as a player when you know your manager is doomed

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People are selfish, there is no getting away from it. Whether you are a footballer or working in an office, employees are always thinking about how any decision will affect their professional lives. Being creatures of...

Demarai Gray well on his way to proving himself the steal of the season

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Demarai Gray has returned to the Premier League with a bang since signing for Everton in the summer. After years of stagnating at Leicester he is ready to prove the undoubted potential he showed at Birmingham. The nex...

Karen Gillan: ‘You should have seen my fight routines when I started – I looked like spaghetti’

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Karen Gillan’s house in the US is, sy sê, “like a little piece of Scotland in Los Angeles”. She is sipping coffee in her living room. The wallpaper behind her is a forest of brown, beige and mallards. When Vogue sh...

‘Low point’ in world heritage committee history as politics ‘tramples’ human rights of the Karen people

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Along Thailand’s border with Myanmar, in rich forests filled with rare plants and animals, the indigenous Karen people are fighting for the right to live on their traditional land. Verlede maand, the UN’s human rights ag...

‘I’ve been poor for a long time’: after many rejections, Karen Jennings is up for the Booker

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Karen Jennings is still in shock. It has been a few days since the announcement that her novel, An Island, has been longlisted for the Booker prize, and the 38-year-old South African author looks as though she’s reeli...

Director of public prosecutions says Brittany Higgins investigation is with AFP, contradicting Karen Andrews

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The ACT director of public prosecutions says the Brittany Higgins investigation is currently back in the hands of the Australian federal police, contradicting both the AFP commissioner, Reece Kershaw, and the home aff...

‘Odd, free and uninhibited’: Karen Black, Hollywood’s great singer-actor

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“I first met Karen Black in 1970 in New Mexico, on a film called The Gunfight, with Johnny Cash and Kirk Douglas,” says actor Keith Carradine, 71, calling from his Dodge Charger on a warm California afternoon. “I was ...

England’s players may take months to get over Euro 2020 final heartache

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England has had five weeks of being brought together by a group of young men who carry themselves with humility and tried to make the country’s dream come true. It could, egter, take those players months to get over...

How England can make Chiellini and Bonucci uncomfortable and get at Italy

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Romelu Lukaku found out the hard way how good Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci are. The Belgium striker tried to get the better of Italy’s veteran centre-backs by going right up against them but they thrive on s...

Communication, club links and other reasons why England have not let in a goal

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I have spent the majority of England’s Euro 2020 behind Jordan Pickford’s goal, observing how Gareth Southgate’s revolving and evolving defence has avoided conceding in four consecutive matches. It may be a cliche but...

Jacinda Ardern suggests opposition leader Judith Collins is a ‘Karen’

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New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has suggested her opposition party counterpart could be called a “Karen” during a fierce debate in parliament over laws governing hate speech. Judith Collins, the leader o...

Hitting on the counter is the smart option for England to beat Germany

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Joachim Löw’s side conceded five goals in their three group games, showing Gareth Southgate there are frailties to be exposed in the Germany defence. A change in formation could be key to England’s chances of success,...

Jack Grealish is perfect for Scotland game with England seeking Gascoigne moment

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My abiding memory of the summer of 1996, like many, is Paul Gascoigne’s incredible individual goal against Scotland. Who could forget that dink over the top and volley in England’s win? It was a turning point in the t...

Southgate moet regte oomblikke vind om Engeland se jong sterre van lyn te laat trek

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Gareth Southgate het waarskynlik die opwindendste verskeidenheid jong Engelse talent wat 'n nasionale spanbestuurder beskikbaar het in 'n onlangse groot toernooi.. Ander raak dalk te opgewonde oor die kwaliteit wat hulle beskikbaar het..

Former England winger Karen Carney humbled after Hall of Fame award

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The former England winger Karen Carney said she felt humbled after she was unexpectedly whisked to Wembley to be inducted into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame in front of family, friends and representatives ...

Karen Carney reveals abuse on social media led her to suicidal thoughts

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Karen Carney has revealed she contemplated taking her own life after receiving abuse on Twitter. The former England international described how abuse she received in December affected her mental health. Carney had pra...