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‘It’s a kangaroo court’: Trump backers shrug off proof in January 6 hearings

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Millions of Americans spent Thursday evening stunned, appalled and amused by the season finale of the congressional hearings into the storming of the Capitol in the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency, and his pa...

Dominic Perrottet says Scott Morrison ‘absolutely’ went too far by calling Icac a kangaroo court

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El primer ministro de Nueva Gales del Sur, Dominic Perrottet, has said he believes Scott Morrison went too far in describing the state’s anti-corruption watchdog as a “kangaroo court”. After the Independent Commission Against Corru...

Three-year-old girl hospitalised after ‘terrifying’ kangaroo attack in NSW

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A three-year-old girl has been flown to hospital after suffering head wounds during a “terrifying” kangaroo attack in the New South Wales northern tablelands. Emergency crews from NSW Ambulance were called to a reside...

‘Kangaroo court’ has found me guilty of bullying, says John Bercow

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A parliamentary inquiry will conclude that John Bercow, the former Speaker, bullied three House of Commons members of staff, he has revealed, denouncing it as as “kangaroo court”. The parliamentary commissioner for st...

Morrison accuses critics of wanting ‘kangaroo court’ as Liberal MP crosses floor over integrity bill

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El primer ministro, Scott Morrison, has accused critics of wanting a “kangaroo court” to oversee federal parliament after he faced an internal revolt over the Coalition’s failure to establish a commonwealth integrity ...