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To protect the supreme court’s legitimacy, a conservative justice should step down

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In Planned Parenthood v Casey, a landmark decision from 1992, the US supreme court memorably noted that its “power lies … in its legitimacy”. If the people come to question the court’s legitimacy, they will cease to a...

My grandmother’s Nazi killer evaded justice. Modern war criminals must not

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The man who ordered the murder of my grandmother never stood trial for the crime. Nor did he stand trial for any of the other 137,000 murders he ordered during five short months in 1941. I know who he was. His name wa...

‘I am full of feelings of revenge’: families of flight MH17 victims demand justice

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The families of 298 people killed when flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in 2014 have demanded justice from Russia as they testified in the Dutch trial of four suspects. People who lost close relatives in the cra...

‘It is powerful to suddenly have a voice’: reframing women in criminal justice

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Someone’s Daughter, curated by Jennie Ricketts and presented with The View magazine, is a new photography exhibition highlighting how female prisoners are seen and understood, with the ultimate aim of reimagining the ...

After I was arrested and sectioned, restorative justice offered me a lifeline

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It started with the tapeworm. The tapeworm was lodged in my brain, and it was slowly killing me. Not only was there a parasite in my skull, but it had been nefariously placed there to murder me. A man had intercepted ...

TV vanaand: Joe Lycett dishes out more consumer justice

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Forget the Watchdog team, comic Joe Lycett has fast-established himself as the best person to come to with our consumer queries and commercial woes over the past two seasons of his playful show, taking corporations t...

India’s police stations are human rights threat, says chief justice

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In an extraordinary rebuke over police brutality, India’s chief justice has said the most dangerous places in the country for threats to human rights are police stations. Nuthalapati Ramana said that rather than being...

John Oliver oor Purdue Pharma: 'Ons kry niks wat geregtigheid nader nie'

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Building on previous episodes of Last Week Tonight on Purdue Pharma’s role in stoking and profiting from the opioid crisis, John Oliver returned focus Sunday evening to the Sackler family, owners of the OxyContin prod...

Die goewerneur van Missouri vergewe egpaar wat gewere op rassistiese aktiviste gerig het

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Die goewerneur van Missouri het sy belofte nagekom om Mark en Patricia McCloskey te vergewe, die egpaar wat bekendheid verwerf het omdat hulle gewere op 'n groep betogers gerig het wat in 'n luukse by die egpaar se huis verbystap..

Tien jaar na die onluste in Birmingham, 'n ma soek steeds geregtigheid vir seuns se dood

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In haar goue jare moes die huis van Rukaya Begum vol gewees het van die kleinkinders se voete en die gewoel van gesinsbyeenkomste, maar daar was 'n oorweldigende stilte. Aan 9 Augustus 2011, Begum was gewees ...

Vrydag inligtingsessie: Mislukking van rasse -geregtigheid

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Oggend almal. Ek is Martin Farrer en dit is vanoggend die beste verhale. Die polisie en regerings moet meer doen om rasse -onreg in die geledere uit die weg te ruim, met sistemiese gebreke wat lei tot 'ongeregverdigde ongelykheid'..

Justice system failing victims, says commissioner for England and Wales

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Chronic underfunding of the criminal justice system has left victims facing a “bleak” picture, the victims’ commissioner for England and Wales has warned. Dame Vera Baird said radical action was needed to improve the ...

US justice department to appeal Daca court decision, says Biden

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Joe Biden has said the US Department of Justice intends on appealing a new court decision that effectively halts an Obama-era program aimed at protecting young immigrants from deportation. Texas federal judge Andrew H...

Greensill inquiry acting ‘contrary to natural justice’, says PM’s ex-adviser

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Boris Johnson’s former adviser on ministerial standards has criticised the government’s independent inquiry into the Greensill lobbying scandal for acting “contrary to natural justice”. In his first major intervention...

Justice Stephen Breyer says he hasn’t decided when to retire as pressure grows

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US supreme court justice Stephen Breyer has said he has not yet decided when he will retire, amid growing pressure from liberal activists and Democratic lawmakers who want to see the Biden administration nominate a yo...

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