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Romeo & Juliet review – speedy 2-Tone adaptation lacks nuance

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Part of Southwark Playhouse’s Shakespeare for Schools project, this drastically pared-down version of Romeo & Juliet will be shown to 2,000 local young people for free. They certainly won’t be bored: the productio...

Youth theatre group’s Juliet & Romeo gives Shakespeare back his slang

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A young, majority-black theatre company’s rewriting of Shakespeare will “change the face of classical theatre” by bringing the bard’s work back to the “slang” in which it was born, Sir Mark Rylance has said. Rylance, ...

Romeo & Juliet review – Sergei Polunin in swashbuckling form

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This vehicle for Ukrainian ballet star Sergei Polunin, created by his former Royal Ballet colleague Johan Kobborg was originally made for the Arena di Verona, a venue that holds 15,000 persone, and you have to view it ...

Juliet Stevenson: ‘The perception of women of my age is so reductive’

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My earliest memory is jumping off a little stone wall in the garden in Australia. I called it my jumping wall. It felt at least 30ft high and enormously brave. It was probably lower than knee height. It’s my first mem...

‘When I paint, all the voices in my head go still’: Juliet Stevenson on how art got her through lockdown

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If you go down to the woods today, you may just come across Juliet Stevenson dangling from a branch, fumbling to photograph the light falling through a caterpillar hole on a particularly disobliging leaf, with her par...

From Gnomeo & Juliet to Baz Luhrmann: 10 of the best Romeo and Juliets

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Sun’s out, guns out: Baz Luhrmann captures the temper-fraying, passion-sparking heat of Shakespeare’s summertime tragedy. We’re in Verona (or is that Venice?) Beach, where the boardwalk throbs and shirts are either lo...