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Priti Patel, hear this loud and clear: Julian Assange must not be handed over to the US

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Priti Patel now has to make one of the most important decisions of her career: will she bow to heavy pressure from the United States and send a vulnerable man who has been convicted of no crime to face an indeterminat...

Labour may think it’s moving on, but working-class voters aren’t following

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On a filthy night three days before Christmas in 1978, I was sitting on a rather ancient coach travelling across the Pennines towards Lancashire, along with about 50 other football supporters. The Bradford branch of t...

Julian Assange marries Stella Moris in London prison ceremony

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Julian Assange and his partner, Stella Moris, got married on Wednesday at Belmarsh high-security prison in south-east London. The WikiLeaks founder, 50, was granted permission last year to marry Moris – with whom he h...

Julian Assange’s fiancee believes journalists barred from wedding so he is not seen as ‘human’

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Julian Assange’s fiancee has told how she believes authorities blocked journalists from the couple’s witnesses on their wedding day at Belmarsh prison because they don’t want him being seen as a “human being”. The Wik...

Julian Assange denied permission to appeal against US extradition

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Julian Assange has moved a step closer to a US trial on espionage charges after the UK’s highest court refused to hear his appeal against extradition. The WikiLeaks founder was attempting to appeal against a judgment ...

Julian Assange set to marry in Belmarsh prison

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The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will get married in Belmarsh prison on 23 Maart, with just four guests allowed to attend. Vivienne Westwood is designing a wedding dress for the 50-year-old’s fiancee, the lawyer S...

Animal lovers? Actually, Britain is a nation of sentimental hypocrites

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We British, who like to think we’re a nation of animal lovers, have been given an opportunity to bask in the warm glow of this reassuring self-image now that more than 150,000 people have signed a petition calling for...

Politicians may have forgotten about ‘community’, but British people haven’t

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For a short period in the 1990s, it seemed that Labour would launch a communitarian counter-revolution to bring the curtain down on the Thatcher era. Listen to a youthful Tony Blair in 1996, addressing the Women’s Ins...

The Gilded Age review – Julian Fellowes’ stinky rich New Yorkers are sheer agony

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Boost your vaccinations, don whatever PPE you have to hand – the new variant Julian Fellowes has breached our shores. Hierdie keer, his typing is set in late 19th-century New York. Ja, it’s Brownstone Abbey. Its officia...

Julian Lennon to auction NFT of Paul McCartney’s notes for Hey Jude

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Paul McCartney’s original notes for Hey Jude are being sold, digitally at least, by one of John Lennon’s sons. Julian Lennon has announced details of a Beatles memorabilia sale in which outfits, guitars and the song n...

Lewe in die Arktiese gebied

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Lewe in die Arktiese gebied. Lewe in die Arktiese gebied, Lewe in die Arktiese gebied, Lewe in die Arktiese gebied.

TV vanaand: a juicy period drama from Downton’s Julian Fellowes

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Christine Baranski is at the top of her game as sharp-tongued, old money matriarch Agnes van Rhijn in this juicy, well-heeled period drama from Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey, Gosford Park). In 19th-century New York ...

Julian Assange wins first stage of attempt to appeal against extradition

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The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be able to go to the supreme court to challenge a decision allowing him to be extradited to the US to face espionage charges. Egter, the high court refused him permission fo...

Julian Fellowes turns Half a Sixpence rewrite Kipps into winning fun

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What’s in a name? Quite a lot in the case of the musical Kipps, which aired on Sky Arts on Wednesday night. The title comes from the 1905 HG Wells novel, but the show itself is a radical rewrite of an earlier musical ...

Australië regstreekse nuusopdatering: Barnaby Joyce is gekant teen Julian Assange-uitlewering; NSW treinstaking; mRNA-entstowwe kan in Victoria gemaak word

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Barnaby Joyce sê Julian Assange moet nie aan die VSA uitgelewer word nie; passasiers op NSW-spoornetwerk staar nog 'n dag van ontwrigting in die gesig as treinvakbondstakings - volg al die dag se nuus

Australiese regering staar oproepe af om die VK en die VSA te druk vir Julian Assange se vrylating

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Die Australiese regering staar oproepe af om in te gryp om Julian Assange se vryheid te verseker, nadat 'n Britse hof die weg gebaan het vir die medestigter van WikiLeaks om aan die VSA uitgelewer te word om aanklagte van spioenasie in die gesig te staar ....

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