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Manchester City fan remains in coma as five men appear before judge

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The Belgian Manchester City fan, Guido De Pauw, who was attacked after the club’s 5-1 win over Club Brugge on Tuesday, remains in a coma but is now stable. Two of the five suspects arrested in connection with the inci...

You be the judge: should my housemate return his out-of-control dog to the shelter?

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I love my housemate’s new dog but he isn’t training it properly and it’s disrupting my life. Should the dog move out? Joshua and I have lived together for six years, since meeting at university. We’ve always got alo...

Argentinian judge indicts Franco-era Spanish minister on homicide charges

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An Argentinian judge investigating cases that happened during the Franco dictatorship in Spain has indicted a former Spanish minister on four counts of homicide. Judge Maria Servini de Cuba, sitting in Buenos Aires, I...

You be the judge: ‘Can I ask my tenant to stop working out on the front porch?"

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My lodger works out on our front porch, but it’s on a well-lit road and draws a lot of attention It started during the second lockdown, last autumn, when Fabio moved in to my four-bedroom flat. I’ve known him since w...

Nevada judge recommends dismissal of Cristiano Ronaldo rape case

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A magistrate judge in Nevada has sided with Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers against a woman who sued the footballer after saying he raped her in Las Vegas in 2009. In a scathing recommendation to the judge hearing the cas...

El gobernante de Dubai hackeó a su ex esposa con el software espía NSO Pegasus, juez del tribunal superior encuentra

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El gobernante de Dubai pirateó el teléfono de su ex esposa, la princesa Haya, utilizando el controvertido software espía Pegasus de NSO Group en un abuso ilegal de poder y confianza., un juez superior del tribunal superior ha dictaminado. El presidente de la familia..

UK asylum seekers in hotels should have been given money for phone calls, reglas del juez

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A Home Office decision not to give thousands of asylum seekers money to make calls to friends and family during the pandemic has been ruled unlawful by the high court. The government could be forced to backdate the we...

Judge delays ruling on Spain’s extradition request for Puigdemont

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Catalonia’s former separatist leader Carles Puigdemont has walked out of a Sardinian courthouse after a judge delayed a decision on Spain’s extradition request and said he was free to travel. Puigdemont walked out wit...

Ley de aborto de Texas: juez federal para escuchar la impugnación de la administración de Biden

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Un juez federal considerará si bloquea la prohibición del aborto de seis semanas en Texas, la ley antiaborto más restrictiva en vigor en los EE. UU., en una demanda presentada por la administración Biden. Desde septiembre, la ley ha prohibido..

Infowars’ Alex Jones liable for damages in Sandy Hook lawsuits, reglas del juez

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A Texas judge ruled the far-right conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones is liable for damages to families of children killed in the 2012 Newtown massacre in two lawsuits, after he repeatedly refused to prod...

You be the judge: ‘Should my 25-year-old son tidy his room more often?"

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My adult son lives at home and his room is a tip – leftovers and clothes on the floor. It’s my house: he should live by my rules Curtis hasn’t hoovered his room for weeks, and there are often pizza crusts and half-em...

Indigenous children set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges

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A federal court in Canada has paved they way for billions in compensation to First Nations children who suffered discrimination in the welfare system, after a judge dismissed a pair of legal challenges by the governme...

Juez recomienda que se permita a la tribu cazar ballenas grises en el estado de Washington

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Un juez de derecho administrativo recomendó que se permita a una tribu de nativos americanos en el estado de Washington cazar ballenas grises, un paso importante en su esfuerzo de décadas para reanudar la práctica antigua.. “Esto es un testama ....

You be the judge: is it ever OK to put eggshells back in the box?

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Is it ever OK to put eggshells back in the box? I find it disgusting to have them sitting in the cupboard I remember the first time Ben put eggshells back in the box, and the box back in the cupboard. I went a bit ma...

Judge issues protest warning as Paralympian jailed for plane stunt

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A British Paralympic gold medallist has been jailed for a year for glueing himself to the roof of a passenger jet in an Extinction Rebellion protest – the first custodial sentence for any action linked to the group. X...

Prince Andrew can request unsealing of 2009 Epstein settlement, judge says

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Prince Andrew can request the unsealing of a 2009 settlement agreement that his lawyer claims protects him from a lawsuit alleging he sexually assaulted a girl two decades ago, a US judge in New York has said. Judge L...

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