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Reach For The Moon wins Solario to give Queen jubilee Derby chance

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The prospect of a fancied runner for the Queen in next year’s Derby amid the celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee moved one small step closer at Sandown Park on Saturday as Reach For The Moon, a product of the Queen’...

Carnival spirit to infuse Queen’s platinum jubilee shindig

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A giant dragon puppet will be the centrepiece of the platinum jubilee pageant as the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign is told through street theatre, dance, circus acts and marching bands during a central L...

Le Tour, Platini v Zidane and Cliff Richard’s Wimbledon silver jubilee

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1) Whose idea was this sprawling 11-city. 24-team Euro 2020? Michel Platini, that’s who, and no one has dominated European Championship quite like he did in 1984. Not even Zinedine Zidane during Euro 2000. 2) It’s Wim...

Queen’s platinum jubilee to be marked with four-day bank holiday in 2022

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A four-day bank holiday weekend will mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee next summer to celebrate the monarch’s 70 years on the throne. National events will include a live concert featuring some of the world’s biggest s...