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From a joyous Mancunian Wiz to the most charming of Beasts – the best Christmas family shows

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Covid precautions duly observed, it’s time for the seasonal celebrations of togetherness that were so cruelly derailed last year by the virus. Full steam ahead for family shows! First off, Hull Truck’s The Railway Chi...

The Big Leap review – dance drama is a joyous, hilarious delight

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I do not know how you defy the odds, the mood and the global direction of travel towards hell in a new-variant handcart in order to make an uplifting, joyful, uncynical show that is still funny, but the good people (a ...

Colin Currie Group review – joyous celebration of Steve Reich

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Vroeër vandeesmaand, Steve Reich celebrated his 85th birthday. The Colin Currie Group and Synergy Vocals are marking this landmark in the life of one of the greatest living composers with a European tour, which include...

The Great British Bake Off 2021 resensie - vreugdevolle TV wat geen tekens van stalheid toon nie

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Die jaar kan aanbreek wanneer The Great British Bake Off terugkeer (Kanaal 4) is nie 'n tonikum nie, 'n troos, en 'n vreugde wat des te fyner is om nederig te wees. Dit is nie daardie jaar nie. Reeks 12 toon geen vroeë tekens van stalene nie..

‘A joyous feeling’: Sampology on making a film with his grandfather – decades after he died

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With arms outstretched and legs kicking, a grandfather and grandson glide over office towers and city blocks, their flight powered by imagination, a rudimentary green screen and a VHS camera. The scene is part of a ca...

Laura Mvula review – joyous, keytar-toting pop masterclass

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Static pours from the speakers on the final night of the Edinburgh international festival. If not for the rolling waves of warmth, rustling like autumn leaves, it could be a soundcheck gone awry. Laura Mvula’s third a...

Team GB chiefs applaud joyous Tokyo 2020 and promise more to come

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Medals. Moments. And now more. That was the message emanating from Team GB chiefs after an extraordinary 16 days in Tokyo, during which Britain not only equalled their medal haul at London 2012 but forged into new and...

‘Joyous, surprising and wonderfully silly’ – Tino Sehgal’s Blenheim invasion

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A couple roll across the marble floor of the Great Hall in Blenheim Palace, mouth to mouth, kissing. Somewhere, a clock strikes. Overhead, Sir James Thornhill’s fresco decorates the ceiling. Rather than being wrestled...

Edinburgh fringe: plans unveiled for far smaller ‘joyous’ festival

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The producers of the Edinburgh festival fringe are hoping for a “joyous, beautiful experience” after unveiling the schedule for a far smaller season of theatre, dans, comedy and music. Tickets for this year’s fringe ...

Hairspray review – unstoppably joyous musical lights up the West End

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“You have to think big to be big,” declares Tracy Turnblad, the “pleasantly plump” teenager who brings racial integration to a TV dance show and marks a turning point for 1960s Baltimore – for bopping, beehived teenag...

Jay Blades: ‘When I was at rock bottom, I ate a box of Farley’s Rusks. It was joyous’

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I call my real “father” TMWCTMB – “The Man Who Contributed Towards My Birth”. He didn’t come into my life until I was 45 and I discovered all the half-brothers and half-sisters [25 in total] he’d had with other women....