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Papua New Guinea’s journey, Diana Taurasi and a delighted deer

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1) It’s been quite the week for Diana Taurasi. The 39-year-old guard and all-time leading WNBA scorer – nicknamed ‘White Mamba’ by the late Kobe Bryant – helped Phoenix Mercury to the WNBA finals last week, chartered ...

Reuniting the pack: it took 16 months and a journey through six cities to bring our dog Luna home

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In the drab uncertainty of Sydney’s lockdown, silver linings can be hard to come by. But you never know. Ours arrived on our doorstep a few days ago in the form of a wet nose, an irrepressible appetite for walks and t...

Baracoa review – a poetic journey through bittersweet childhood

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Directed by Pablo Briones, Sean Clark, and Jace Freeman, here is a film that blurs the lines between fiction and documentary as it accentuates bittersweet childhood connections, full of teases, mischief and innocent t...

The big picture: ​an epic journey along America’s poverty line

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In 2015, the photographer Matt Black set out from his home in California’s Central Valley to discover and record the realities of American lives in communities below the poverty line. Over the next six years, he criss...

Note to Self review – transfixing journey through a failing memory

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For some dance companies during the pandemic, streamed shows were just a stopgap, but Rambert thinks differently. Artistic director Benoit Swan Pouffer clearly saw the opportunity in this new platform and continues to...

A-level student to US Open champion: Emma Raducanu’s journey to the top

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Nothing about what Emma Raducanu has achieved over the past three weeks in New York is normal. Qualifiers do not win Grand Slam titles; 18-year-olds do not win slams without dropping a set; teenagers do not waltz to U...

Alana McLaughlin’s journey from US special forces to trans MMA fighter

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A mother’s love should be unconditional. Alana McLaughlin learned that isn’t always the case when she was sitting in her dorm room at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 2003. The 20-year-old had done ...

Morrison admits states at different points in reopening ‘journey’ but must reach same destination

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Scott Morrison has declared it will be up to each state and territory to decide how to ease restrictions once vaccination rates lift across the country, after warnings from the states that it will be unsafe to open bo...

A better commute? Six ways to improve your train journey to work

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Online lessons, audio materials and improved connectivity have made studying on the move ever more practical. The Open University, which has offered distance learning since the days when it meant taking sheaves of pap...

Pathway to freedom: hostile journey awaits Afghans fleeing the Taliban

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It is a treacherous journey of thousands of miles that crosses arid deserts, steep mountains, rivers, armed checkpoints, barbed wire and metres-high concrete walls. But for the Afghans fleeing the Taliban, this inhosp...

'Kom saam met my op hierdie reis': Elaine Mitchener, Brittanje se gewaagste sanger

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Uitvoering van haar stuk Sweet Tooth, Elaine Mitchener se hande word iemand anders se hande. Vleis word gestamp, boude word geklap, borste word gegryp. Haar vingers reik binne -in haar mond, vishaak haar wange in 'n grimas, ...

‘This was Black Camelot’: looking back on Obama’s journey to the top

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The date was 10 Februarie 2007 and the air was cold. Barack Obama, a US senator without deep political experience, stood before the old state capitol in Springfield, Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln began his career, 'n ...

Martin Rowson on the UK’s coronavirus journey – cartoon

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Mammoth journey ahead as elephants leave Kent zoo for the Kenyan savannah

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A herd of elephants born and raised in a Kent zoo are about to get on a plane to travel almost 4,500 myl (7,000km) to Kenya, in order to reintroduce them to the wild in a first-of-its kind operation. The herd of 13,...

Pain and positivity: the fuel for Romelu Lukaku’s journey to the top

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Ariel Jacobs remembers vividly the day he realised Romelu Lukaku was something very special. The striker, having scored an incredible 131 doelwitte in 94 matches for Anderlecht’s youth team, had been called up to train wi...

Artin’s journey: asylum seeker speaks of the smuggling trade that killed Iranian baby

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The authorities in Norway did not have much to go on when they found the body on the shore on New Year’s Day. But the baby boy was wearing a jacket – navy blue with white stitching. And that helped them solve the myst...

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