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Obsesionante, esclarecedor, Altas estacas: por qué es importante el periodismo de investigación – video

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Un elenco de reporteros y editores de The Guardian reflexiona sobre por qué el periodismo de investigación es tan importante para una democracia saludable y cómo se siente, a un nivel más personal, estar en contra de un gobierno poderoso..

Invest in investigative journalism. It pays dividends

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Power is becoming more powerful. Democracy is at risk in many parts of the world. Autocracy is back in vogue. Unprecedented wealth is accumulating in ever fewer hands. Trillions have gone missing offshore. Even in mat...

Burner phones, fake sources and ‘evil twin’ attacks: journalism in the surveillance age

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What does the new age of surveillance mean for the work of investigative journalists? El año pasado, I was preparing to fly from London to a country in the Middle East for a sensitive reporting trip. I wasn’t worried abou...

Spyware can make your phone your enemy. Journalism is your defence

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Hoy dia, for the first time in the history of modern spying, we are seeing the faces of the victims of targeted cyber-surveillance. This is a worldwide scandal – a global web of surveillance whose scope is without prece...

The Observer/Anthony Burgess prize for arts journalism 2022

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The annual Observer/Anthony Burgess prize is now open for entries. Launched in 2012, the award, in honour of Burgess’s long association with the Observer as a literary critic, is the UK’s leading award for arts critic...

For all its faults, the BBC’s capacity for critical journalism should be celebrated

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Winner: Observer/Anthony Burgess prize for arts journalism 2021 – Harry Strawson on Mati Diop’s In My Room

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This year’s winner enjoys Diop’s compelling lockdown film for Miu Miu, filmed entirely from her 24th-floor Paris apartment• Read the rest of this year’s shortlisted entries in the Observer/Anthony Burgess prizeIt can ...

What is journalism for? La respuesta corta: verdad

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Who, what, dónde, when and why? Five questions that are at the heart of our trade. Answer those questions in relation to any news story, and we’re doing our jobs as journalists. They underpin everything we do, what we...

Canada’s top newspaper group gambles on casino app to help fund journalism

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As advertising revenues dry up and the outlook for print newspapers looks increasingly bleak, publishers around the world are constantly hunting for new and innovative ways to fund costly journalism. But launching an...