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Dancer, singer … spy: France’s Panthéon to honour Josephine Baker

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En noviembre 1940, two passengers boarded a train in Toulouse headed for Madrid, then onward to Lisbon. One was a striking Black woman in expensive furs; the other purportedly her secretary, a blonde Frenchman with mou...

Josephine Baker to become first Black woman to enter France’s Pantheon

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The remains of Josephine Baker, a famed French-American dancer, singer and actor who also worked with the French resistance during the second world war, will be moved to the Pantheon mausoleum in November, de acuerdo a...

I’m hooked on Mare of Easttown. Piecing it together slowly each week is half the thrill

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Escapism takes many forms, and my current preference is to leave my perfectly fine life behind for an hour every Monday and immerse myself in the bleak goings-on of a small town in America’s frigid rust belt, a place ...